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Come join Occupy London for the passing of the City of London Corporation deadline

WHEN: Today from 5.00pm
WHERE: OccupyLSX, between St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Stock Exchange
WHO: John Cooper QC, and Occupy London supporters
WHAT: At 5pm Occupy London’s barrister John Cooper QC will explain the legal significance of today’s 6pm deadline of the City of London Corporation’s ‘notice to leave’.
There will also be further speakers focusing on the important issues that the Occupy movement is raising.
At 6pm, Occupy London will mark the passing of the ‘notice to leave’ deadline in a very special way. Do come to St Paul’s to find out more.

36 Responses to “Come join Occupy London for the passing of the City of London Corporation deadline”

  1. Good show. See you guys later.

  2. Hey guys, just wondered if you’re familiar with the offer & counter offer technique regarding notices. I.e. you can conditionally accept a notice and reply with your conditions of accepting their demands. This is perfectly honorable conduct. For example – do you fully comprehend all the words on the document? For example – what is the definition of the word ‘Person’? Are you in fact a person? Just food for thought, in case you wanted anything clarified, that could always form part of the counter offer/conditional acceptance of the shadowy corporatocracies’ demands. Don’t ignore the notice, this is dishonorable especially if you wish to confront the corporation on their ‘turf’, so to speak. But hey, it’s up to you. Good luck!

  3. Well done guys. Don’t give up!

  4. Keep it up :-))) people are slowly waking up…

  5. Great, See you now.

  6. People are slowly waking up. Trouble is, TIMING. You can see what’s happening in OWS right now. We need to start to consider how we get the message across that this is more 99% than it might seem to those who don’t identify themselves with this movement. It is right to include the ‘vulnerable’ , those with mental health issues such as myself, and others. But this society is used to advertising and images that do not include so called ‘crusties’. In other words, Occupylsx has already been written off as just another bunch of hippies, gone the same way as Democracy Village. As well as this, we are accused of not sending out a coherent message of what we want. PLEASE, PLEASE do not give up.


      You lot of tent-lovers need to wake up and see that you are radicals who will not change anything because the 99% of us want structured change, not a whole new “political-state system” as the Canvas Corps seem to want.

      You might like to try a nice, strong coffee. Fair trade of course 😉

      • Dill Doe,

        In earlier posts you where insisting people come up with ‘specifics’ and claiming the movement was far too wide in its scope. You are the now contradicting yourself by labelling us as radicals. WAKE UP!!

  7. Two months ago me and my girlfriend were talking about the state of the UK and the whole world and the disempowerment we felt as the average citizen. This movement has really given me confidence that people are aware of how our rights, support and voices are gradually being taken away from us and our needs aren’t being met. The message just needs to be spread and understood and people need to believe that they do have a voice that will be listened to. We are the 99%.

  8. Good Luck People!!! XX

  9. Here’s something that will help bolster your spirits.

    Countdown with Keith Oberman on OWS and Mayor Bloomberg.


    • FANTASTIC ! Absolutely FANTASTIC !!

      I recommend this clip no matter what your view point is.
      This is how to RANT !!!

  10. I’m glad someone is challenging the unthinking consensus that the media foists on us.

  11. I popped round at 6 to see something special, and all I got was jazz hands haha. By the way nice quote for the guardian live by Tanya Paton.
    “Telling us we must leave by a certain date is not dialogue, it’s a demand, and we will not negotiate.” Contradiction much?
    Hahaha, if this is the best you can do for a spokesperson you really should have used the deadline today as an excuse to leave with some dignity intact. Its all downhill from here.

    • bored,
      You gotta watch above youTube clip.

      • H.o.p.e. sorry, but bored of waiting is right. By refusing to comply with a legitimate and reasonable request to clear a public highway, the movement has made it very clear that it seeks a confrontation with the authorities. Personally, I hope that doesn’t happen, simply because I know how thes organisations work. They want the police to come in and remove them, they will resist, leaving the police with no option but to forceably remove them. They will, of course, do everthing they can to provoke the police, and before you know, they’ll be flashing doctored videos all around the world, and whinge about police brutality. Sadly, some gullible souls will be taken in by it!

    • Can’t work out if you support the Canvas Corps or not but, either way, love your post!

  12. Hi guys, just had a positive Occupy London article published at Sabotage Times, have a look – http://www.sabotagetimes.com/life/on-the-ground-at-occupy-london/

  13. I’m a student and I say end this dumbfounded Occupy movement.

    You have no goal or objective and if you had your way London would become the new Baghdad, you only play by the here and now ideals without putting any thought into the future wellbeing of the country, most of you want revolution towards “your” interpretation of democracy and a more socialist society but beyond that you have nothing and that’s exactly what NATO found itself with after toppling the Iraqi regime and the following months of internal squabbling like your Occupy movement is doing now lead to the growth of insurgent groups and rebels intent on enforicing their idealogy, and that is precisely what your movement is moving towards, drawn out Anarchism.

    Your perfect utopia inside the Occupy camps has failed across the world and it will do soon to you, one man lays dead in an American Occupy camp and women claim to have been sexually assaulted with threats against them for talking to police, as did happen with the Russians your own Socialism has already began to collapse.

    You must end this pathetic movement, I have already seen many videos uploaded by your so called members which clearly show them attempting to bait police officers into violent confrontations to be recorded so as with the Americans in Iraq you have your own essential “WMD” claims to be used to justify your false beliefs, it is disgusting that members of your movement are content with stepping on fellow members of society to satify your ideology, local businesses are complaining and not just the “big bad” ones, smaller family businesses don’t like you and want you gone so in your 99% where do they fit? are their opinions invalid because they don’t appeal to your own? am I expected to believe that your movement has took to the path of Facism where you only do what you believe is right and view those not compatible with you as the enemy?
    A taxi driver in America who loans his vehicle to transport customers and is barely feeding his family was prevented from working as the road was blocked by Occupy protestors claiming to be acting on his and the other 99%’s behalf every minute he was stuck meant more and more $ was lost yet how is that the bankers fault? your movement’s actions were costing him money and you cannot deny that which brings the point home, in your false belief of acting for this 99% you are damaging good honest members of the public and refusing to acknowledge you are doing so.

    I am not a wealthy banker, I am a normal student and part of your 99% so are my views valid or should I be moved to the 1% for disagreeing with you?

  14. These are the tent cities that they should be removing.

  15. Seems this site now has a “moderation” feature where comments are censored!

    Alas, as I am opposed to your “movement” I fear that, as is what happened in the GDR and the USSR, I may now be silenced…

    • Thanks for confirming that you oppose the Occupy movement, Dill Doe. I see things like this.

      1. Some support Occupy; some don’t; many have yet to decide.

      2. Occupy is against greed and corruption.

      3. Those who are opposed to Occupy therefore support greed and corruption.

      4. Greed and corruption lead to hardship for many, including children.

      5. A child dies of hunger every five seconds.

      6. Thanks for confirming your support of the needless deaths of a million children per year, Dill Doe.

      7. I have no further comments to make.

      • There are some pretty big conclusions and assumptions there. I’d like to respond to each:

        1 – I agree with you and am glad your at last not suggesting that ‘occupy’ are representing ‘99%’ or even indeed a majority.

        2 – Good. Again you are getting somewhere; categorical things that you are protesting about, though I think you still need to be more specific. i.e. who is greedy and corrupt (or does it count for every banker, financial worker, politician, policeman etc. ?) ?

        3 – Why? I in no way support you, but I am also against excessive greed and corruption. Just because I don’t agree with your ‘movement’, the way in which you go about things, the lack of direction, the flouting of the law, etc., it doesn’t mean that I ‘have my eyes shut’ as rather arrogantly stated by many on this web site. Perhaps the tented ones should take their own advice on that front and stop drawing conclustions on the large majority of the population.

        4 – Agreed, though it is by no means the exclusive contributing factor.

        5 – I’ve heard that statistic but have no way of verifying. However, I agree that whatever the number, kids should not be dying unnecessarily.

        6 – So why stop there? Surely its only one more ill informed leap to conclude that anyone that doesn’t support you and is not out squatting in a bank or cluttering up public streets is a child killer? Brilliant. That should round up support for you.

        7 – Good.

  16. are we moderating everything now

    • Yes, there is now a moderation feature in accordance to the Safe Spaces policy that has been agreed upon, which means that all content can be edited for profanity as necessary. You are free to provide criticism as you see fit, as we don’t believe in censorship, but outright trolling and abuse without any valid arguments will not be tolerated. These comments are here for discussion purposes, and this is supposed to be a site suitable for all ages.

      • So what your saying is that the great people fighting for freedom and what they interpret as a real democracy are now picking and choosing what they want on their website and regardless of saying its for rude comments there’s nothing to say that you won’t just pull comments that don’t agree with your views as you can deny it but we will never know will we?

        Just like to say nice going down the route of the autocratic leadership and the path the real USSR did, as with third world dictators you are wielding your power over free expression even Youtube and other websites allow you to post comments when you can and through all the spam and offensive comments have never needed to consor anything so it’s very shady your website decided to implement this.

        But I suppose it doesn’t surprise me, I mean the hacktivists Annonymous claim to be for the freedom of speech and they attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them so I guess if we believe that bour government doesn’t really let us have free speech and your not now then history is repeating which begs the question as to the legitimacy of your movement, if YOU could overthrow the government and remove capitalism would you turn this country into Afghanistan and take the throne that the Taleban did?

  17. Light moderation seems like a good idea to me. Insulting postings from trolls using sex-toys or genital extensions as names spoil any serious discussion and make a mockery of democracy.

    If you are so concerned about your democratic rights, try standing for election somewhere using a pornographic pseudonym and see how far you get with the Electoral Commission.


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