‘Sermon on the Steps’ this Saturday


With Occupy London approaching its third weekend in occupation, a special event is being planned to bring people together from different faiths, beliefs, denominations as well as those with no faith, at 3pm Saturday 29th October at St Paul’s.

Dubbed ‘Sermon on the Steps’, the event is part of Occupy London’s campaign to raise awareness and address social and economic inequalities in the UK and beyond. Occupy London now has two occupations to date: near the London Stock Exchange at St.Paul’s Churchyard and at Finsbury Square.

The multi-faith, multi-denominational, multi-representative forum is being co-ordinated by volunteers based at Occupy London and will include readings and reflection, prayer and short speeches by representatives of different faiths, and non faith, with the theme of Love, Peace and Unity.Christian churches, faith groups and individuals including Catholic Workers, Pax Christi, Church of England reverends, Jewish outreach groups, Hari Krishna’s, atheists, anarchists, humanists and reverends from denominational and non-denominational churches, have expressed a desire to participate and add their voice in support of the occupation and its cause.

Representatives from St Paul’s have also been invited to participate.

Retired Church of England Reverend Dennis Nadin said: “The question I’m asking is why has the Cathedral not voiced their support for the protesters, who have raised the substantive issue of reform of financial institutions and the redistribution of wealth and power.”

Representatives will speak in a non-hierarchical order, and once all the representatives have concluded and the Sermon ends, the gathering will be followed by a Public Assembly, with an open question and answer session, to allow for discussion of issues raised by the Sermon.

Tanya Paton, one of the volunteers co-ordinating the event, said: “This week we’ve been hearing people – in the media and members of the public – discuss the historic legacy of St Paul’s Cathedral as a place of debate and this Saturday, we are looking forward to bringing people of different beliefs and none together to look at what we all have in common and why we’re here – to bring about real social and economic justice for every single person in society.”

The Sermon on the Steps event planned for Saturday the 29th October 2011 has drawn speakers from far and wide across the United Kingdom. We have the pleasure to include:

Revd Paul Nicolson – Church of England
Revd Dr Chris Craig  Brittain – University of Aberdeen
Chris Erskine – Christian Charity Worker (Seedbed Christian Community Trust)
Roger Chisnall – Jubilee Debt Campaign
Revd Tim – Universal Life Church and OLSX
Revd Dr Kevin Snyman – United Reformed Church
Chris – Anarchist from OLSX
Bruce Kent – Pax Christi
Roy Alexander – Christian
Symon Hill – Quaker and Baptist
Margarida  –  Agnostic and OLSX
Revd’s David & Julian – Stratford Unitarian Church (TBC)
Revd James Lawson – Church of England
Ciaron O’Reilly – Catholic Workers (TBC)
Rabbi Geoffrey Newman – Jewish Faith (TBC)

If you or your organisation, whatever your faith, belief or non-faith background, would like to get involved, please email general@occupylsx.org or go to the information tent at the Occupy London Stock Exchange site and leave your name and contact details for the Multi-faith and Belief Liaison group.


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  1. “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord”

    God bless you and be strong!

  2. why don’t you start your next protest on the steps of Regent’s Park Mosque?

    Or at the TUC offices?

    Or at the doorstep of the Labour Party Offices?

    • Why? You’ll have to explain how that works.

    • you obviously don’t agree with the aims and philosophy of our movement.

      However you are right to suggest a camp outside regent park mosque as banking criminality, poverty, greed and unequal distribution of wealth to the extreme are central to all faiths including Islam.

      I have visited OccupyLSX and have seen quite a few Moslem people there. A Muslim cleric joining the ‘sermon on the steps’ is conspicous by his absence.

      • I don’t see any Catholics, Methodists or Seventh Day Adventists there either. Why don’t you find out the reason why before casting aspersions?

  3. I support you all the way. What you are doing is amazing. I hope to get down to London soon to visit and maybe bring a few supplies or help out.

    All the best – keep up the good work, and may the nights not be too cold!

  4. Hi – I’d like to support you and get involved in this event; i tried emailing you and it didn’t go through (i live in brighton so cant just stop by). Please email me…. sara.j.wolcott at gmail……..

  5. Given the Archbishop of Canterbury’s statements in his New Statesman article of June this year, especially his statements about St Paul’s ideas of community, I hope that OLSX representatives have sent him a personal invitation to participate in Saturday’s sermon and in the rest of the activities of the OLSX community.

  6. We tried to email you on the address above but it has bounced several times — hope to be there tomorrow.

  7. I intend joining you at 3pm tomorrow at St Pauls for the Sermon on the Steps

    Rev Chris Brice

  8. I’m supportive-from-afar of #occuplylsx (hence my piece at my blog on the City of London Corp meeting yesterday), but one small point of accuracy if I may……

    If the lad with the ‘There’s a reason Jesus drove the moneylenders from the temple’ placard is around, can you advise him the bible refers to moneychangers, not moneylenders.

    It may seem an arcane point, but I think there is an important distinction and due reflection on it may help you as a group develop ideas about what you want, (especially if David Graeber is with you!). See my blogpost on this at http://tinyurl.com/6zwx48r if you can be bothered, and please take the last sentence in the spirit it is intended.

    Sorry I can’t be with you at 3pm – Lancashire is a bit too far away – but good luck.

  9. Any chance of publishing those General Assembly minutes for the last couple of weeks?

  10. I can’t make it but would love to be there.

    It would be great if it were filmed and put on u tube.

    Actually ‘naivety’ has a point why no muslim speakers?

  11. Occupy Manchester are meeting now in Picadilly Gardens.

  12. I agree with your principles. Can’t be there, to far away, I live in Norfolk. I am praying for you and the consequences. Please try not to label the people of St Paul’s such that it becomes an us and them thing. I believe that they are Christians dedicated to working in the sphere where God has placed them.

    God bless you and peace be with you,

  13. Why such a male-dominated line-up?

  14. face the wrath of god if you evict protesters…////on sermons,the anglican church is fake house geuplh…masons build it in reformation,baptists are masons…methodists..and roman catholic’s st peters basilica is build on k baal’s temple so is vatican hill 200 years before jesus was borne,who owns st pauls one more evil church…god watches you daily,,,,,let the children on his land from his sub ordinated priest…but no fake churches or evil jews are allowed..zionists…good jewish people allowed but not fake anti capitalists in disguise………it is GOD’S SANCTUARY like jesus respect the site and live on it for free as he would have wanted…..stay as long as you like………PRIESTS LISTEN TO ME THE LEADER OF ANGELS,DEFY ME…GOD WILL DESTROY YOU!

  15. the church is a sanctuary,,,,no one is trespassing on it at all god owns it,not one man,,,,,,,,,,,,,,be free use the church as long as you need it for………jesus wanted free housing,he got it..leave the innocent and justified alone……….it means the legal case against you is fake and not valid or legal because you are just people not doing any unjust acts……………..any way we can say and do what we want we or one man ,oer women ect are not slaves,capture the slaves and arrest them..its all lies lies lies…sod the state,the only real law there is,if im justified and others are not i’ll attack them and kill them off………leave these innocent people alone at st pauls…get a f life sod’s!

  16. by the way even the corporation of london is fake and illegal,oliver cromwell gifted the land thats canary wharf for free too the bankers because they paid his war bills………….THEY DON’T TELL US THAT,where’s our free land?oliver cromwell was a traitor,theif and sedition guy……….and treason and others things you can magic up….

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    • Fuck off, neonazi creep. Antisemites aren’t welcome in the movement. We are not based on racist/religious hatred, but the need to love and free ourselves form society.

      Jews are part of the 99%.

  18. occupy some evil bums…as not all of you are good guys among the protest…

  19. gonna find you……..yes in medievel times the evil jews were killed………leave good people alone and get a life……………………and l;eave good jewish people alone,they don’t want to know you……………………..unless this is real of course!

  20. How funny that one of these speakers is of “anarchist” confession… So finally they admit anarchy as a religious faith!

    (just kidding)

  21. Hope a video of the whole sermon can be made available online afterwards.

    Ignore all the trolls, the haters and the corporate tabloids. This movement will only grow.

  22. What a beautiful event, I saw people moved to tears by some of the speeches including me and I’m an agnostic anarchist.

  23. What you guys are doing is fantastic. That’s all I want to say, and thank you.

  24. “The multi-faith, multi-denominational, multi-representative forum is being co-ordinated by volunteers based at Occupy London and will include readings and reflection, prayer and short speeches by representatives of different faiths, and non faith, with the theme of Love, Peace and Unity.Christian churches, faith groups and individuals including Catholic Workers, Pax Christi, Church of England reverends, Jewish outreach groups, Hari Krishna’s, atheists, anarchists, humanists and reverends from denominational and non-denominational churches, have expressed a desire to participate and add their voice in support of the occupation and its cause.”
    …and Muslims? Are they invited ?

    • If you’d been there, you’d have heard someone who identified himself (among many things) as Muslim.

      So yes; no-one was excluded.

  25. End the non-Federal non-Reserve and all the other privately owned central banks around the world. JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are big shareholders in the non-Federal non-Reserve but the general public will never be offered a share. Their website in section 7 states that stockholders receive an annual dividend of 6% as a profit for providing a paper currency. Teach yourself about the Austrian school of economics and you will understand we have centrally planned economies not free market.

  26. http://www.federalreserve.gov/aboutthefed/section7.htm – has the gov suffix when in fact it has nothing to do with government.
    Only a few years ago people would be labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’ for pointing out the private ownership of the non-Federal non-Reserve.
    So how much has been paid to the private stockholders these past 98 years you might ask ?
    Absolutely no idea because us debt slaves are not supposed to know who owns the stock of the non-Federal non-Reserve or how much stock there actually is.

  27. The non-Federal non-Reserve welcomes you to your destitution after 100 years of paying out an annual dividend of 6% to their mega-bank owners while having a .gov website. When you consider that Americans, both ‘democratic/labour’ and ‘republican/conservative’, before 1913 were never subject to this transfer of their wealth to the mega-banks you have to ask yourself how much less poor would the American general public be today without it and how much less warfare the world would have been spared.

    Who owns the non-Federal non-Reserve Banks ?
    As of July 26th, 1983, some of the non-Federal non-Reserve Bank of New York shareholdings (7m or 66%) were
    Bankers Trust Company 438,831
    Bank of New York 141,482
    Chase Manhattan Bank 1,011,862
    Chemical Bank 54,962
    Citibank 1,090,813
    European American Bank & Trust 127,800
    J. Henry Schroder Bank & Trust 37,943
    Manufacturers Hanover 509,852
    Morgan Guaranty Trust 655,433

  28. Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928) said “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” –Reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

  29. I’ve just sent yous an email before I noticed the reply function. Anyway, what it said was that you should be encouraging every one of your supporters to get onto the epetitions website and add their signatures to the Robin Hood Tax petition. It has been there since early August, but it has only gathered around 650 signatories so far. You are aware that you can force discussion on things by gathering 100,000 signatures? I propose you make the signing of this petition your main effort until the discussion in Parliament is achieved. I will encourage the Glasgow protesters to drum up support amongst the public tomorrow and I encourage all other cities respective occupy movemnts to do the same! Let’s go!

  30. I would like to thank all those on the working groups,GA facilitators & many of the campers at Occupy LFS for the hospitality extended to my son & I during our all too brief 40 hour stay from Thursday to Saturday.The dedication,sincerity & ingenuity of many of those involved with organization at the camp left me not only deeply impressed,but also,rather humbled,& I’ve been a Militant for 30 years!

    True,being to the Left of general consensus in the Movement,I don’t concur with every sentiment I heard expressed during the 2 days(ie:the rich can be cajoled to do the ‘right thing’ by gentle persuasion,or hate-even if it’s directed at the super-elites,is wrong)but I have come away with a renewed hope for the future & a revived respect for young people today.
    My 16 year-old Son even more so,came away energized & inspired by the idealism,creativity & sincere passion of most of those involved in the camp….massive respect & good wishes to you all & thanks again…….as The Adicts said in ’82 ‘Viva La Revolution!!!’

  32. My dear Revolutionaries.

    We must not be confused about the problem and its solution.
    The problem is the Power to create money out of thin air by a private corporation, and the solution is the abolition of this power, into the hands of the Government.
    The bank of England is a private corporation.
    Please, please educate yourselves on History and precisely what is going on.
    It is a big scam, and the only way we can truly overcome these powerful wealthy interests is by truly UNDERSTANDING the whole scam.
    Please visit my website where I have compiled all relevant information for the layman.
    Watch the documentaries and videos to gain and understanding of what is going on, and how we are all being duped.
    Knowledge is power, and we the people, once we fully understand the full extent of the SCAM, Will prevail.
    I cannot stress it enough we EACH need to thoroughly UNDERSTAND exactly what is going on, I’ve been listening to the radio and TV and there is MUCH confusion over the direction and the message of the occupy movement. This needs to change.

    Please watch the videos on the problem AND the proposed solution.
    We ALL need to be clear on the message, and sing from the same hymn sheet!
    Find the information on my website and all over youtube. http://www.moneyexplained.net

    We shall prevail!
    Educate yourselves.


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