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Occupy London in Canary Wharf – Another World Now! People’s Assembly and FLF



  • What: People’s Assembly in Canary Wharf – Because democracy is too big to fail
  • Where: Canary Wharf. Exact location to be announced on the day
  • When: They Owe Us events begin from 12.30pm Friday 14 June onwards. Occupy London’s People’s Assembly begins 3pm.


This Friday in the lead up to the G8, Occupy London supporters take to Canary Wharf, a ‘private’ space where an injunction was placed indefinitely against protest in 2011/12 [1]. In collaboration with They Owe Us/Shift The Debt – an umbrella network of more than half a dozen UK activist groups from across the political spectrum – Occupy London will hold a People’s Assembly debating alternatives to the policies promoted by the G8, as part of an afternoon of events in the financial district [2].


“We don’t ‘all’ have to pay our debts. Only some of us have to” – David Graeber (Debt, the first 5000 years).


All are welcome to join in the People’s Assembly – including banksters, workers and tourists. It’s an opportunity for peaceful political debate intended to reclaim the open spaces of Canary Wharf, transforming them into a forum for real democracy. The news of the People’s Assembly follows on from Occupy’s highly successful and entertaining ‘Guided Tours’ of Canary Wharf, which have run since December 2011 with the next CW tour scheduled for 6pm Thursday 20 June [3].


Speakers include representatives from They Owe Us/Shift The Debt, Occupy Wall Street, No Dash for Gas, Jubilee Debt Campaign and activists from Turkey. Topics under the spotlight include debt and inequality, the dropping of climate change from the G8’s agenda [4], the UK government’s ecocidal commitment to fracking as well as the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (an initiative using public money to help multinational corporations gain greater control over African agriculture). The People’s Assembly will be followed by Food Liberation Front, a related action organised by Occupy London’s Energy, Equity & Environment group [5].


“We are here as these are now the symbols of power. Otherwise we would be in Westminster. We are highlighting the failure of our democracy.” – Ludovica Rogers, Occupy supporter.


Canary Wharf, one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in Europe, is located in Tower Hamlets, one of the poorest London boroughs [6]. It is a space created with public money and subsidies but claimed by criminal financial corporations such as Barclays (LIBOR fraud), HSBC (money laundering for drugs cartels and terrorist groups) and KPMG (tax avoidance). These and other financial institutions have benefited from the economic crisis while at the same time financing environmental destruction and exacerbating social inequality [7]. As such, Canary Wharf has become a symbol of much that is wrong with contemporary Britain.


[2] They Owe Us facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/564737983566265/; website: http://theyoweus.org.uk/. They Owe Us is a collection of people involved in anti-cuts groups and environmental campaigns including UK Uncut, Reclaim The Power, Disabled People Against Cuts, Fuel Poverty Action, Greater London Pensioners Association, Frack Off, Barnet Alliance Against the Cuts and Occupy London. They believe in direct action and the power of ordinary people to affect change. They welcome participation from all those who want to work together to create a radical shift in our economic and political reality.


Occupy London takes on G8 food policies Friday 14th June


On Friday 14 June, as part of the Stop G8 London week of action, activists from Occupy London will carry out a non-violent protest at a symbolic location near Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands. The event has been publicised as the “Food Liberation Front”. Organisers expect between 100-200 people to participate in an action designed to be festive and fun. However, the intention is to communicate the serious message that our present food system is only benefiting large corporations, at the expense of the health of consumers and the livelihood of farmers.


Before and after the protest, invited high-profile speakers will highlight the failed food policies of the industrial food system, and the G8’s deeply-flawed proposals to tackle global hunger. They will show how current agricultural policies and the G8’s measures are actually producing hunger in poor countries. At the same time these policies are bringing an obesity epidemic, repeated food scandals and food poverty to the inhabitants of rich countries. They will also stress the shortcomings of the widely-heralded “If” campaign, which has been rejected by small-scale farmers around the world, and which Freedom of Information requests have revealed as having been designed by civil servants over the last two years to position David Cameron as a global leader.


The speakers will set out alternative approaches, such as relocalising food production and consumption, eliminating the widespread use of pesticides, fertilisers  and GMOs, and introducing the principles of permaculture, as part of a more balanced and equitable way of producing food.


Participants will meet at Crossharbour DLR station at 5.30pm, and will move to a nearby location connected to the global food industry for the protest action. Speakers will include:
  • Jenny Jones on food poverty in London
  • Bianca Jagger (tbc) on GMOs
  • Graciela Romero, International Campaigns Director, War on Want, on food sovereignty and land grabs in developing countries
  • Ben De Vries, food activist, on permaculture
Hashtag: #FLF
War on Want on how “If” campaign was designed to boost Cameron on global stage: http://waronwant.org/news/latest-news/17790-war-on-want-and-the-if-campaign

Unfortunately Canary Wharf has a number of problems with 3G coverage. Funny in a supposedly technological area?
We still managed to record and directly upload. Livestream Channels for the day.



Shift the Debt.

Canary Wharf General Assembly: Educate, Agitate, Organise

Andria2Milly: Food Liberation Front. Talking to police about helicopter following small group of activists.

Pete Deane of Bio-Diversity and Bio Fuel Watch.

Phoenix: Preventing Genetically Modified Organisms being served in schools. and Ben talking about Permaculture.


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