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Occupy London to demonstrate at US Embassy in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street


American supporters of Occupy London to demand entry to embassy to
question Ambassador

In response to the brutal eviction of Occupy Wall Street in New York
this morning, Occupy London – which is campaigning for economic and
social justice as part of the global fight for real democracy – is
calling for a people to gather outside the US Embassy at 3pm today.

As part of the gathering, Americans allied with Occupy Wall Street and
Occupy London will demand entry to the Embassy to question the
ambassador on events happening in New York.

Adam Fitzmaurice, an American supporter of Occupy London, said: “We want
to know why Secretary of State Clinton feels comfortable demanding
dictators such as Mubarak and Assad respect and allow peaceful protest
while the NYPD, Oakland PD, Denver PD, and others across the US brutally
gas, pepper-spray and beat peaceful protesters to suppress dissent.”

Media was prevented from filming the eviction of Occupy Wall Street. In
their response, Occupy Wall Street stated “You can’t evict an idea whose
time has come.” [1]

Police use force against peaceful protestors in London

In London last night, seven supporters of Occupy London were arrested as
part of a peaceful action highlighting the extreme concentration of
wealth and power represented at London’s Guildhall during the Lord
Mayor’s Banquet at which Prime Minister David Cameron was present. Other
dignatories including home secretary Theresa May, the archbishop of
Canterbury and the bishop of London.were also present.

Five arrests of peaceful protestors were made at the Guildhall and a
further two arrests were made at Bishopsgate Police Station were the
police, without warning, used unprovoked violence against the peaceful
protestors. [2]

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[2] http://occupylsx.org/?p <http://occupylsx.org/?p=1107t>=1107t


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