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Occupy London targets UK’s highest paid FTSE CEO


Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice – today highlighted the corporate greed endemic in the UK and called for a change within society.

About 60 protestors gained entry into the offices of mining company Xstrata, a ‘leading light’ of the FTSE 100 and British industry to highlight the fact that CEO Mick Davis was the highest compensated CEO of all the FTSE 100 companies in the last year, when his companies had losses and the economy collapsed. He received £18,426,105 for his efforts. [1]

This comes in a year when the average pay rise of executives across FTSE 100 companies was 43%, with ‘top’ directors at 49%. [2]

Led by a samba band to the building from Piccadilly Circus, the protesters entered the HQ at 25-7 Haymarket, London, with the protesters chanting against the corporate greed of Mick and other executives, in support of all those striking for fair pensions for all today. The protestors also unfurled a banner saying “All power to the 99%” from the roof top.

There are currently about 20 protesters inside – being held down on knees, of which many are women. There are a few hundred people kettled outside.

The protesters today are making the connection between the slashing of private and public sector pensions, while supposed ‘top’ executives cash in by increasing their own pay levels, leaving many without pensions.  These CEOs like Mick Davis lavishly secure their own futures while ignoring the security and wellbeing of their own workers.

Mines have closed in Australia, South Africa and Spain within the last decade resulting in hundreds of workers in the last decade being laid off.

Karen Lincoln, supporter of Occupy London said: “Mick Davis is a prime example of the greedy 1 per cent, lining their own pockets while denying workers pensions. In this time when the government enforces austerity on the 99 per cent, these executives are profiting. The rest of us are having our pensions cuts, health service torn apart and youth centres shut down.

“We refuse to stand by and let this happen. We call on others to join us in the fight for a more just society. Today we have taken this to one of the offices of the 1 per cent. This is only the beginning. Come and join us on 15th December for Occupy Everywhere.”

Occupy London will unveil details of Occupy Everywhere soon. Be ready.


[1] According to the Income Data Services, Mick Davis from Xstrata (mining company) was the highest paid executive in the FTSE 100. His company has recently taken severe hits as FTSE 100 companies face drop in value (£104 billion off FTSE 100 companies). He was paid £18,426,105. LONDON OFFICE: Registered Office, 4th Floor 25/27 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4EN

Highest paid executives in the FTSE 100:

1. Mick Davis, Xstrata, £18,426,105

2. Bart Becht, Reckitt Benkiser, £17,879,000

3. Michael Spencer, ICAP £13,419,619

4. Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco £12,038,303

5. Tom Albanese, Rio Tinto £11,623,162

6. Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP Group £8,949,985

7. Todd Kozel, Gulf Keystone Petroleum £8,913,223

8. Don Robert, Experian £8,601,984

9. Edward Bonham Carter, Jupiter Fund Management £8,003,641

10. Dame Marjorie Scardino, Pearson £8,003,641

[2] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/business-as-usual-top-directors-get-49-per-cent-pay-rise-2376929.html

[3] Facebook page for Occupy London’s Stock Exchange site just by St Paul’s (OccupyLSX) is https://www.facebook.com/occupylondon. Overall Occupy London twitter Occupy Londonhastag is #occupylondon. OccupyLSX Twitter is https://twitter.com/#!/OccupyLSX ; hashtag#occupylsx. Twitter for the new Finsbury Square site is https://twitter.com/#!/OccupyFS; hastag #occupyfs. Twitter for Bank of Ideas is http://twitter.com/bankofideas and facebook is http://facebook.com/bankofideaslondon


72 Responses to “Occupy London targets UK’s highest paid FTSE CEO”

  1. From the interviews given from your members it would appear you are in the wrong here.
    Throwing flares and smoke grenades to cause a distraction and in all event escalated a peaceful situation purely to gain entry to a building makes you more anrchistic than peaceful to this country and the fact that our fears have been confirmed that you possess weapons despite describing yourself as lawful makes me believe that you would use violence rather than words to make your points.

    After this and often actions your group has carried out, I probably am not the only one in this country pondering on how long it will be until those armed parts of your movement decide pyrotechnic diversions are not enough and start summary assasinations or bombings of people “you” believe are in the wrong as the Irish Republican Army once did.

    • can you please provide evidence of the weapons you alledge these protesters to be armed with.
      ps a felt tipped pen is not a weapon, unless the pen really is mightier than the sword.

      • just watched the video of the protesters entering panton house http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybgBzMMSb2g the flare was not thrown, it was held in a persons hand to guide the protesters to the correct building and no sign of any smoke grenade either, next you will saying they had weapons of mass destruction lol

        • Then you admit they had flares.

          Do you not realise that the claim the flare was to guide them just makes you look like an imbecile? It was a big building with a stream of violent thugs going into it. It could hardly be missed even by your mindless rabble. The flare was there to intimidate.

          It may have escaped your attention, poppet, but that building was full of ordinary people (that 99% you pretend to be standing up for every time you decide to relieve yourselves in the Portico of St Paul’s because you never learnt how to use a toilet). Your happy band of nutters forced their way in and terrorised those ordinary people. One of your idiots even brandished a peace flag as a weapon as he forced his way in. I’d say it was ironic, but that’s a concept that seems to have eluded your lot, along with soap, integrity and respect.

          The flare was clearly intended to frighten the unarmed and unsuspecting workers in the building. The need to intimidate and abuse others is deeply rooted in you. The many rapes and sexual assaults your movement likes to carry out are evidence of that. Which is why, to me, you are Rapefest 2011, not “Occupy London” (which is quite obviously impossible for you, as you have small numbers and are capable only of bullying office staff and choir boys).

          • And it speaks volumes that I use my real name on here and the rabble’s most vocal supporters are ashamed (or too cowardly) to reveal theirs. People don’t conceal their names (or their faces behind masks from a film glorifying terrorism – another indication of their violent intentions) unless they know what they are doing is wrong.

          • yeah right Helen, another load of rubbish from you. It is clear that you have an agenda. All your posts on here are abusive and nasty. I suggest you wash your mouth out with soap. Perhaps try backing up your allegations with some proof. Yes, there was a report of deification at St Pauls… how do we know it wasn’t you?
            FYI a flare is not a weapon it is an sos device.

        • A smoke grenade clearly was thrown, between the smoke in the ground floor of the building and fire alarms sounding it’s impossible for your group to deny it and as you’ve claimed responsibility for the events that took place there then you will take responsibility for the violent elements of the movement.

          You are supporting Anarchism and public favour around the world for the Occupy movement is dying out, in America they have shut down many of your camps following the shooting of one of your protestors by another protestor and this country will soon follow.
          People agree that the economic situation is horrible but we refuse to support your way of thinking which is for short term advancement and not the long term, you care for no body in this country but yourselves, I know people who have went to Uni not from huge wealthy families and I know they have found part time work no problem, so what’s your members excuse for spending all this time on the streets and not working?

  2. A few hundred people kettled outside? Learn to count, there’s a handful of them.

    • Yes, and all attempting to violently enter and control a building full of innocent people. The law allows reasonable force. Kettling under those circumstances was actually remarkably mild. With human lives in danger, it would have been perfectly justified to go a lot further.

    • There was more than one kettle. Learn to see a world beyond your TV screen.

  3. Thank you,thank you on behalf of a 60 yr old cancer sufferer who has been labelled a scrounger and had his incapacity benefit stopped. Love you guys.

    • How does terrifying office staff fix that? These people don’t care about your benefit. They’re probably the very scroungers that make it harder for those of us who need benefit to get any. Certainly they are neither working nor available for work, but I bet they find time from scaring secretaries to go and sign on.

      • Prove it Helen. I think you will find the people who support Occupy are from all walks of life, many pay their taxes, have jobs, some have 3-4 minimum wage jobs just to earn a living, some are carers, some are mothers….

        I think this tumblr website demonstrates that well:


        It is all to easy to vilify the movement by labelling us. Your tactics are so obvious…

  4. Why do you feel the need to stress that many of those being held inside the building are women? Are you implying that they are in some way weaker and less able to cope with discomfort than men? That they are in fact the weaker sex? Tut tut…

    • Apologies about that. I entirely agree with what you. The only excuse I can offer is that that addition came in the heat of the moment post escaping a kettle and wanting to get the news out. ro

      • Many of your victims were also women, but we all know what your movement thinks of women (and 14 year old girls).

        • I have been down to the Occupy camp at St Pauls as a single woman and have found nothing but kindness, compassion, generosity and friendship.
          Why are you so intent to slander those who are trying to make the world a better place for all?

      • So, why not correct your misogynist article?

  5. Why do people continue to fall for the myth that the greediest people are by definition the best? As long as we believe that nothing will change.

    • Why do you fall for the idiotic idea that anyone with more money than you is evil? If poverty equals goodness, I’m a saint.

      Why don’t you admit you are driven by envy, not social justice?

      Where is the justice in going into someone’s workplace and terrorising them? Or does having a job make them evil too?

      • Helen you cannot tar us all with the same brush. Nor put words in our mouths. The supporters of this movement come from many different walks of life and have many different beliefs.

  6. well done!!

  7. Wow, you must have them rattled if the trolls are starting to compare you with the Republican IRA! Brilliant.

    Keep going everybody, the 99% who think, engage with critical discussion and allow even trolls to voice their silliness in peace, are right with you all the way.

    Thank you from a post grad, dual professional, struggling to survive, labelled as a failure and who sees their childrens’ future being sold to the highest bidder.

    • Petal, you are not the 99%, nor can you speak for them. These criminals do not carry out their crimes in my name. If you want to vicariously destroy, steal and intimidate through them, that’s your choice, but don’t include me.

      As for critical discussion, they should try it some time. They chickened out of a meeting where they could have put their point of view, because, frankly, they don’t have one. They just envy those who have more than them. It’s pathetic.

      As to your children’s future, it will be a lot better if their father doesn’t show them that the way to get his respect is to commit criminal offences.

      • Mother, sorry. I mixed you up with someone else.

      • Helen you’re including yourself by trolling around this site. If the movement isn’t going anywhere and you disagree so much with it why do you spend so much time on here?
        And why do you think you are best placed to tell anyone what to do or think?
        And what sort of democratic government makes it a crime to protest outside Parliament?

  8. How is it measured that a person is worth £18million? How is it measured that some people are called scroungers and not worth even a small benefit payment a week? Market forces?

    • I think you have to ask the ‘money men’ for the answers as they are the ones who decide who is worthless, in their infinite wisdom. The same wisdom I might add, as the wisdom that has brought this current financial mess to the fore. They have gorged themselves with us as their servants feeding them to the point where they are to fat and are now bumping in to other greedy fat money men to the point now where they are battling for control of what little there is left for them to continue gorging on !!

  9. Quite unbelievable, absolutely disgusting!! What is anyone going to do with that sort of money?

    • pay off politicians…

      • otherwise known as that legal term ‘lobbying’ !!

        give me policies to vote on please not politicians !!

  10. Violence is inherent in the system. The people who own and work within that building commit acts of savage and brutal violence every day of their working lives, and it is sanctioned by the state as well. A few smoke bombs don’t really compare to all of that. The powerful aren’t against violence; they love it, worship it, recognize their dependence on it. They and the ones they brainwash only cluck and gibber about violence when it is employed by the weak.

  11. LG – anarchy – anarchists you appear to believe or wish to perpetuate wrongly that vviolence is used solely by anarchists or in reality what many forms violence takes – benefit changes are pushing some members of our society to the margin of the poorest poverty and people taking action occupation direct action to challenge state violence is welcome.
    I could disagree with some of what the occupy movement is doing terminology agreed by graham they need education equality not highlight women held on their knees as weaker. The occupy movement is fluid bound by many political and humanitarian voices that is why in solidarity i do not criticise their actions-
    and please LG – before you make any comparison with Ireland there is 800 years of British occupation and violence to educate yourself on- tiochfaidh ar la – beir bua oglaigh na h.eireann abu maith thu

    • Using an well known IRA phrase, clever you.

  12. I think we should begin to make links here. I’m from Latin America and found that Xstrata operates in Colombia, Peru and Chile extracting copper from the high Andes. Mining companies in the South have caused pollution and displacement of entire communities in the name of development. We are all affected by this people, thanks for scratching them.

  13. I’m afraid that this is just more evidence that the anarchists and extremists within your group have gained control. At one point you had the momentum to become a really popular grassroots socialist movement. Now you are just another group of troublemakers, intent on disruptive behaviour and devoid of any real ideology.

    Some people making too much money = wrong
    some people breaking into buildings and throwing smoke grenades/flares = wrong

    Haven’t you heard of the saying that two wrongs don’t make a right?

  14. It is ironic that you chose to single out Mick Davis, who is a philanthropist of massive massive proportions and who ensures much of his earnings are directed around the world to ensure meaningful improvements in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

    • But he has more money than them and his building was an easy target. These losers won’t go against the real bad boys, because they are scared. If they really wanted to change stuff, they’d “occupy” Downing Street, but they don’t have the balls.

      • Helen your such a teaser !

        Be careful what you say wont you as ‘the powers that be’ whom you seem to adore, might have you arrested for inciting violence !!
        not so long ago a no. of facebookers were convicted for very similar words of action !!
        or maybe they wont in your case (as long as you ‘lobby’ them)
        perhaps I should send them your comment and see what action they take……watch this space 😉

    • I don’t feel that philanthropy is the best way or most efficient way to help people. It’s actually very vain and gives him power. His vastly disproportionate earnings are part of the problem, money is not spread evenly through society, he should be taxed at a high rate and the money allocated by the state. How much tax does he avoid?

    • They don’t let details like that get in the way of a good old witch hunt…

  15. LG – a flare is not violent or a weapon in itself (but does give off smoke). You need to check out your pyrotechnics and argue a bit better to stir it up.

    Till then, use hair spray on your hair only – if you spray it in your face or light it with a blow-torch you’ll have a violent weapon yourself.

    Armed part of the movement, summary assassinations – you nutter!

    Nice one guys and gals for the action.

  16. Violence is the way that our so called superiors got into that position in the beginning .
    Only 40 years ago the F.B.I. declared the Black Panthers – the most dangerous threat to ‘ Society ‘ because of their feeding the poor programme . That’s it – the impoverished were ignored ” they ” rose up with their food for their communities , free health checks and were imprisoned and killed for that .

    Now a coconut in the Whitehouse does not make up for these sins ..

  17. You disgust me. You hijacked a day of peaceful protest to cause a violent affray in which innocent people were put in fear. I realise you people have dependency issues that mean you’re not generally capable of rational thought, but having money doesn’t make people supervillains, just as scraping by on benefit doesn’t make me scum.

    You committed criminal offences against innocent members of the public and the only supporters you have left are the ones who are turned on by mindless thuggery.

    You are a disgrace to the mothers who bore you and to the land that shelters you, desecrators of churches, attackers of women, rebels without a braincell between them and too chicken to take on anyone in a position to fight back.

    Fortunately, yesterday proved your intention is purely violent. Nobody can now pretend that allowing you to pollute London is a free speech issue. You’re thieves and thugs and drug-addled criminals.

    • Hi Helen,

      Do you think we have a problem with economic and social injustice in this country, or worldwide? Or are you happy with things as they are?

  18. unfortunately very little news coverage of this action. Either deliberately ignored or overshadowed by strikes. Maybe timing not so good?

  19. For a moment there was a flare lit on this site and just as quickly snuffed out.

    It was called a ” Bank of Ideas”

    This site is just a running commentary of short duration with a disappearing archive.

    It is not a beacon nor a destination, it has zero sustainability.

    Just a temporary message board. What a pity.

    Our words are just blowing in the wind.

  20. So “Shut down the city” was a big success?

    I don’t think so, Occupy is so inconsequential to anything that is going in the UK and indeed the world that you cannot even get a mass movement together with the support of the majority of the unions in the country!

    I work in the City and if I hadn’t have watched the News last night I wouldn’t even have known there was a strike going on!

    • otherwise known as a peaceful protest i think !!

      h.o.p.e. you dont have a problem with that as well !

  21. Interesting that moderation is now the way of things at Occupy, what happened to freedom of speech and everyone being able to express their views! Maybe you are finding out that actually living democratically and with freedom is not as simple as you think! Rules (read Laws) are needed and not everyone is intrinsically good!

    Your ‘movement’ is destined to disappear from view as quickly as it appeared.

    • Moderation does not mean getting rid of free speech. It is there to help with the spammers which were ruining the experience of this site.

      The argument that not everyone is inherently good is moot, because it is a choice made by people. It is easy to prove how a building is at risk of fire if you go pouring petrol and set alight to it to prove your point. It renders your argument invalid. If the people who argue that people aren’t inherently good are people who have deliberately chosen to engage in selfish acts, their argument is moot and invalid.

      We all have free will, and we all have a choice. I could easily spew a torrent of vile abuse and then claim that free speech is a failure because people can spew a torrent of vile abuse. It makes no difference. In fact, this is the success of free speech – people can spew a torrent of vile abuse, and if that is what people want to hear, then be sure to let people know – I am sure someone will satisfy your need easily enough.

      However, until such time as people say they are happy and comfortable hearing such abuse, then the website, like the camps themselves, have a duty to respect all users, and moderate as necessary. There is nothing more hypocritical than demanding free speech and then complaining about a torrent of abuse because this is allowable under free speech. It’s not just free speech for you – but free speech for everybody. That’s what equality is about, and is probably the least understood aspect of equality in society today.

  22. seeing that this place is full of trolls from the right, i might as well troll from the left and try and get you to go to my new blog on direct democratic forms:


    keep it going guys…. the more ridiculous the trolling gets, the more you know you are having an effect….

    I am very impressed with the movement that has sprung now globally regarding those who insist on occupying asking for a fair share. Whereas I am impressed by the initial response to the knowledge of having been cattle all these years and now desiring to be included in living, I challenge with a question “what is your next move?” A gathering or a march alone without a contingency plan is “IMPOTENT”. Certain ethnic groups look for equal inclusion and find solace in mouthpieces like Al and Jesse to bolster their cause with words but absent of action ignoring the roots of their own history which affected change that they benefit from today which was “the boycott”. Sure, there are many people charged up at the moment but without steering them in a direction of action once after the whole world has come out to occupy it will certainly fizzle from what began an undaunted mission of ground troops. Truly, truly comrades, the ground is fully laid out and the question now is how to erect the walls? While there is protest in the streets still the employers who are the 1% have their oxen to plow their fields or manpower to drive their riches and why should they consider giving the 99% any more than they have? After all, what are they going to do, Quit? Doubtless! The thing that Big Industry has capitalized on is the masses being unorganized! NO, I’m not talk about gathering as a organized bargaining unit (Unions), No; what I’m submitting to the “Occupy” movement is PHASE TWO and “Boycott the MACHINE” while, at the moment, having need to be attached to it. Take the funds that your current employer pays you and collectively invest in a home based business. Find a reputable Network Marketing Business and use your massive network to generate wealth that you would never get from a raise while working as “Cattle” for your current herdsman. Your employer [herdsman] hopes that you remain asleep and not come to recognize the economy that exist within you in order for them to remain in control over it. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for. This is the dream that you have dreamed to be financially free and independent. The only thing standing in your way is your fear of the unknown and your comfort on the pastures. The path I follow is in my website. The path you search out and find is up to you. In order to go to a level beyond talks and demonstrations is language that those you protest against understand and respect. This is the model that Robert Kiyosaki calls the “Business of the 21st Century” (look it up on Youtube). My name is Charles Burns and I AM MONA-V-IE! [for Vendetta] http://ceburns.mymonavie.com

  24. Our elected government should know that while appearing to empower the government, multi-national corporations are on a long-term drive to take control of state finances and state affairs. Symptoms of their cancerous growth include corporate lobbying, appointment of technocrats, privatisation of public utilities and services, creation of costly wars for securing control of foreign natural resources. Last but not least the expensive bail-out of banks.

    The government should recognise the hold of the tumour has already rendered the state impotent as is visible for all to see by its inability to take decisive action against media and corporate corruption and tax evasions.

    Internationally, Occupy protesters are desperately attempting to signal the growth of this painful condition but our confused government is ignorantly reacting by coordinating repression through the imposition of debt and austerity measures on the masses, increasing security measures and controls, ordering military police interventions against democratic civilian protests, dispossessions, eroding employment, welfare and civil rights and by controlling opinion via PR campaigns.

    The government should learn from the mistakes of Egypt that greater repression leads to public outrage and uprise. When all hope is lost, the people no longer care.

    The government should recognise its attempts to isolate and weaken Occupy have resulted in greater sympathy and support for the protesters worldwide.

    The government should recognise that Occupy is not the enemy. Occupy seeks to work with the government in addressing a condition that has become so critical it can and should no longer be ignored.

  25. Dear Occupiers,

    I have been in the freedom movement a long time.

    And after having visited the OWS in New York (including doing an interview there the day we were evicted–I say we, because those camping there represented all of Us) and following the Occupy Movements in the West, I see that the keys to the Occupy Wall Street movement working as well as it did in NY were:

    1. It was cool.
    A complete novelty. People camping in Manhattan. Banging on drums for hours a day. Selling t-shirts. Running their own generators from bikes. Dressed up.

    It was just a cool place to visit.

    2. It was fun.
    Party atmosphere. Free food. Nice people. Easy conversations about deep topics. No judgement. Anyone could participate. (I got to fold flyers at the anarchy table with my new friend Thaddeus 10 mins after I got there). It was like a big bunch of friends. A family.

    3. It was creative.

    MIC CHECK! No speakers? No problem. No generators? No problem. OWS solved every problem thrown at Us. Until the the police knocked the wind from Our sails.

    However, knowing that this could happen, a creative solution *could* have existed for this eventuality as well.

    4. OWS was RIGHT!

    These people were there for the right reasons and trying change something we all knew needed changing. They were saying the right things. It resonated. They were rewarded with a $500K in funding from those who wanted to support without being there.

    So, how will OWS succeed in the future, if it is to succeed? Are you listening?

    Occupy Needs to be the Coolest, Funnest, most “In” place to Be. Period. And why shouldn’t it be?

    OWS can create an entirely new society in every park, parking lot, and abandoned building in which it operates. We need to go beyond creative. We need to go beyond fun. 1000 person GA’s are not fun. Dealing with objections is not fun. Drafting resolutions is not fun.

    So, how do we get fun?

    Pick what you want to change
    Get a group of max. 6 people to work on how that will be done in a creative, fun exciting way. Something that will 1) excite and interest the normal person. It can be for only 15 minutes. But it should be interesting. Press worthy. And fun. (Call me if you don’t have any ideas!)
    Go do that thing.
    1000 people is 166 groups. Doing 166 things. In 166 places every week. 2 hours planning. 2-4 hours doing the thing.

    That can’t be stopped.

    That can’t be ignored.

    Cops are people. If it is cool. They will laugh. They will clap.

    Don’t antagonize.

    It’s a game. Life is a game. Protest is a game. Changing the world is a game.

    Play the game. Enjoy the game.

    Stay cool
    Stay fun
    Stay creative
    Stay RIGHT
    Don’t do anything that isn’t fun.

    Now go change the world.


    • great post and very wise.


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