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Occupy London statement regarding City of London communication


On Friday evening, our solicitor received a communication from City of London Corporation clarifying the terms of agreement proposed by the City of London to avoid litigation.

This was based on a formal proposal during a meeting between representatives of OccupyLSX and the CoL on Wednesday last week, although additional terms have now been presented.

The proposed agreement has been converted into a format that allows for discussion at the general assembly, in a detailed, fair and transparent manner necessary for the consensus decision making process of a direct democracy.

Any response to the proposal may be issued once discussions have taken place, which due to the complicated nature of this proposal, may take a few days. This process will begin at today’s general assembly at 1pm.


10 Responses to “Occupy London statement regarding City of London communication”

  1. What are the additional terms? By whom?

  2. Is the proposal available online?

  3. As this is a countrywide movement I assume you will be sharing the details with everyone, including those who can’t attend the GA.

    Freedom of information and all that

  4. Any chance of posting up the proposals here, so I can be up to speed when I return to camp? X

  6. Thanks to Scrapper Duncn.

    How about asking CoL, if the location of occupy is so offensive to them, how about they (CoL) provide somewhere for occupy to peacefully protest from. (indoors preferably) Good PR for CoL and makes occupy sustainable.

    These are my immediate thoughts, not thought through thoughts, so please go easy with replies.

  7. Dear Occupy LSX

    Did you know that there is a UK band called ” BLAME THE BANKERS” who play a mixture of pop, blues, jazz and Latin? They were formed about six months ago and if in London would love to play for you – pass it around.


    Good luck and keep it going until victory!

    Best wishes

    “Blame the Bankers” Band


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