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Occupy London responds to Corporation of London proposal


The General Assembly of Occupy London has this morning communicated the following to the City of London Corporation via its lawyer Paul Ridge of Bindmans.

Occupy London would like to emphasise that, as part of the global movement for real democracy challenging social and econonomic injustice, its interests are broader than matters pertaining to the City of London Corporation, as per the initial statement of the Occupy London Stock Exchange General Assembly. This was collectively agreed on Sunday 16th October, the second day of the occupation, at the camp based at St Paul’s Courtyard.

It is the hope of Occupy London that, in the spirit of openness and inclusivity that the Occupy movement embraces and advocates, representatives of the City of London Corporation will attend one of its General Assemblies at the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp to discuss these and other issues in a non-hierarchical democratic forum.

Response of Occupy London

We reject the proposal, as the terms are unreasonable and they serve only to establish the ground work for the City of London Corporation to bring proceedings against the Occupy London Stock Exchange occupation based at St Paul’s Churchyard.

The City of London Corporation is an undemocratic authority which is more accountable to corporations than the public. We cannot negotiate with such an institution without undermining our sister occupations across the globe, who are being violently oppressed by authorities with the same interests as the City of London Corporation.

We propose that if the following terms are met, we will wish to continue dialogue. We call on the City of London Corporation to do the following:

1. Publish full, year-by-year breakdowns of the City Cash account, future and historic.
2. Make the entirety of its activities subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
3. Detail all advocacy undertaken on behalf of the banking and finance industries, since the 2008 financial crash.

We have been working, and will continue to work, with the fire service as well as the health and safety executive to ensure the occupation remains a safe environment for ourselves and our neighbours.

We have also posted the minutes of Thursday and Wednesday’s 7pm General Assemblies, which were devoted to this subject.


75 Responses to “Occupy London responds to Corporation of London proposal”

  1. I fully support and commend the response to the City of London Corporation. This is time for this undemocratic organisation to be held to public account. They are not acting on behalf of the people of London or the Uk. However; their power and iinfluence that they retained in the last 1000 years extends throughout this country and worldwide for the benefit of the corporate minority and the selfish aims if the 1%. Good work Occupy LSX!

    • Whereas a group of middle class idiots in tents are democratic? I don’t recall voting for any of your rabble or being asked by them what I want. A small group of thugs trying to hold the whole country to ransom is entirely undemocratic. At least the other lot are accountable. You dishonest lot won’t even tell us who is funding you.

      • … Oh dear Helen. Do you honestly think a reality TV watching football obssessed UK public are going to have the conviction to vote this sort of protest in. Don’t make me laugh. We are challenging an establishment that robs its own people through inflation and is run to fund an elite group. Did you get to vote for the £14 billion in bonuses recently paid out to banks including RBS who made a £768 million loss? No. Me neither. That money could have lowered school fees, fed families and increased nationwide employment. The establishment isn’t run for you. We will keep fighting for nationwide justice whether you wake up or not …

        • Your contempt for the 99% demonstrates how deeply sinister Occupy the Churchyard is.

          • Oh right!

            Presumably the way the Corporate world treat the third world is all above board and dandy then?

            You have no conception as to what constitutes “deeply sinister” if you can defend the Greedy Bankers over the majority of downtrodden people forced to bankroll them with their taxes.

      • Helen, it is you who are ignorant of the democratic process within the occupy movement, it is worldwide and growing.it works by consensus, and is supportive and consults globally, it is multi cultural and has managed to unite many different faiths and beliefs, it is a peaceful protest and not at all violent, the violence has only come from the authorities,under orders from the 1%, they do not accept drugs and drink wthin their ranks, take some time to look at the global movement on the internet and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

        • I doesn’t matter what processes exist “within the movement” you are a tiny clique of self appointed charlatans trying to impose your will on the rest of us.
          If you can’t grasp the fact that society is much bigger than your miniscule group of bean munchers you are a lost cause.
          If you are so peaceful why can’t the church remove you ? Because you are effectively blackmailing them – you are neither moral, or just.

          Your whole enterprise in the Churchyard has been to use the media to attack your enemies throwing truth to the wind – if you people ever had any influence the consequences for those outside your movement would be deeply worrying.

          • Self-appointed charlatans? If they’re self-appointed charlatans for having the audacity to speak out against one of the biggest sources of injustice & poverty in history, I level the same accusation at you. Same logic – what gives you the right to speak on a blog? Or me for that matter. Are we all self-appointed charlatans the minute we open our mouths to try & get anything done?

      • How are ‘they’ holding ‘the country’ to ‘ransom’..? So far the written demands only deal with freedom of information from the banking sector, so that the machinations of those who hold the bulk of the financial power in this country ( as well as international influence, as many are global concerns) may be held more accountable…
        Given that the actions of the banks affect us all financially (and so, physically and politically) do you not think that asking for greater transparency is reasonable?

        So far the power of the occupy movement is in making present the realm of ideas. It seems that a few people representing certain ideas are threatening to you, if you see them as ‘holding the country to ransom’. Perhaps you should ask yourself why. Perhaps you might ask why the city of London is threatened by greater transparency in its dealings.

        • The very fact you are making “demands” shows that you think you have some power over others. Do what we say or…. what’s the or ? …. Or you stay put holding the local area hostage, threatening to upset rememberance ceremonies and family events. You people have chickpeas for brains.

          • Always good to see the banking fraternity using the power of bile on their opponents . . . it highlights the fact that they have no counter argument against those who question their greed and corruption.

            Their anger at being “called out” for the behaviour they would rather keep hidden, speaks volumes about the paucity of their case.

      • Helen, I’m guessing you haven’t been in person to the Occupy site at St Pauls itself? I have been there to see what it is all about for myself a couple of times now, and to dismiss the people down there as either ‘middle class idiots’ or ‘thugs’ is definitely inaccurate. I’ve spoken to a really diverse set of people down there – I’ve lived in towns that are culturally and economically less diverse!! From what I can see, they are attempting (with considerable success) to create a much needed forum for the expression of ideas around creating a better, fairer way of living than we have at the moment. They are not trying to impose a new order on you or any of us, or wield power – which is why your voting for them or not wouldn’t be relevant. If you have ideas about the issues they’re discussing join the debate and get your ideas known! You’d probably find it a more open and accepting arena for that than many. I have been bowled over by how positive, constructive and altruistic people are down there – it is very inspiring and fills me with hope! There is more than enough cynicism, defeatist attitude, greed and selfishness out there – and the Occupy site feels like a real antidote to this.

  2. You lot (the Canvas Corp) should stop claiming to be representing the 99% – that is far from the truth, you are more likely the 1%.

    If I am wrong, and if you are truely democratic you should from a political party and run in the next election. Why don’t you do this? Easy – you do not have enough support and you like living in tents and causing a nuisance!

    As it seems you don’t plan to move voluntarily from your shanty town I’m pleased that it looks more likely that you will be moved by force.

    • Ridiculous comment that shows your true lack of knowledge concerning the realities of ‘democratic’ system we live in and your overall inability to understand what the movement is about and what it is achieving. Fail.

      • Achieving? It’s not achieving and won’t achieve anything Bobby. Although it is giving me some entertainment, I suppose that could be an achievement, but somehow I don’t think that’s the whole reason for camping at St. Paul’s.

        • “[The occupation is] not achieving and won’t achieve anything”.

          Do you really think that?

          What about all the publicity and debate it has inspired? Leader of the opposition backing the causes it stands for?

          I think you might be saying what you wish would be the case, but you are in denial about the reality of the situation.

          • Yes, I really do think that!

            I agree, while many people support many of the areas which Occupy London supports, what people disagree with is the movement as a whole. You no longer stand for one thing, instead your “message” has been diluted as you have tried to stand for everything rather than keeping focus.

            Also, my main disagreement is with the fact that you’re sitting in tents doing nothing (and yes, I class GA meetings and general compaining about everything in the UK as nothing).

      • Bobby ~ did you get the chance to vote on an EU referendum two weeks ago? …….. No…………….. I didnt think so…

        • Pete, of course not. They don’t believe in democracy at all. They are a group of people that are lazy and want everything to be given to them. This is very entertaining though. And by this, I mean commenting on this website which is full of anarchists! Awesome, hope the hippies get removed soon!!

      • “Fail”? What are you, a twelve year old girl?

        All points made were valid. If you don’t want your hypocrisy pointed out, stop being hypocrites.

        Are there still children in the tents? I feel social services should be investigating if there are. Using them as political pawns in summer is one thing, it is now winter and their health is at risk (especially surrounded by drug abuse and, judging by the assaults in other “Occupy” camps, other dangers).

        You’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame and are now having your half hour of being laughed at as the naive idiots you are. Soon you need to go home, before you end up with a day in court.

        Hopefully part of your community service will be to clean up the mess you have made. Though hijacking remembrance events sadly cannot be undone. It remains to your eternal shame.

        • Just because the protest is camped at St Pauls does not mean that the ‘occupy’ group were hijacking remembrance day. Actually there were some veterans who went to speak with them about the lack of support for those discharged from the armed services, as quite a few become homeless ( I have met a few homeless ex-army guys who find it very difficult to return to a regular life. Actually the other day one had his tent attacked)

          Of course, given your apparent disgust with those living in tents (as protesters) I am guessing that you would probably walk past the homeless veterans with the same untoward level of bigotry and dislike. Not because they were veterans, simply because they were on the streets. I guess it only matters on remebrance day , when everyone is dressed up with their shiny medals, those would be the veterans you support…

          And social services..really..?? Are you suggesting that parents of children who care enough to stand up for their beliefs and are ‘naive’ enough to feel that they have a right to say what they want for the wrold that we all share..are they any worse parents than ones who sit mindlessly in fron of the TV every night…?

          It seems that you are far more concerned with how things appear than with how they actually are.

          • apologies for some bad spelling..I was typing quickly

        • Oh get off your high moral horse Helen!

          If you knew anything about the history of the 20th Century, you would know that the protestors have far more in common with the fighting Tommy than the Greedy Bankers that you represent.

    • Dill Doe, have you visited St Paul’s and met and spoken with the people there ?

      • Ehh, no! Why would I!? Have been to take a peek at the idiots themselves though. When I got out at Bank I could smell them already. Went up to see them with some popcorn, unfortunately the smell was too bad…. 🙁 Couldn’t eat my popcorn

        • Wow… The maturity here is staggering. why do you have such an issue with people trying to change what they believe is wrong?

        • Thanks Dill . . . that comment will have done wonders for those wondering about which side to choose in the argument.

          The Greedy Banker mentality writ large – “Couldn’t give a f*ck about anyone but yourself”

          Thanks for acting as our recruiting sergeant. :o)

    • Mate, you have fallen for the entrenched dogma that we live in a democracy now – we do not, we live in an oligarchy. Political parties are a highly undemocratic mode of control for this oligarchy. Representation can and will never be effective as a means of government, the republican oligarchies must go… slowly and with consideration and care, but they must go.

      • Ha ha! Oligarchy!? Tebe nuzhno poiti v universitet i uchitsya chto eto takoe!! Uchis, durak!

        We do have democracy, and that’s why the 99% are not sitting in camps doing f*** all!

        • Are you just amusing yourself by poking fun? You do not appear to have a valid argument, nor do you seem to have the ability to debate; you are merely being insulting to those who are, indeed, speaking for the 99% who are now paying the price of the financial misdeeds of the 1% and their advocates. Please take the time to learn the background to this protest, and stop being so weird.

          • I thought you’d all stopped claiming you were ‘speaking for the 99%’ and were instead saying you were just ‘ part of the 99%’

        • plutocracy

          • dilldoe is so obviously a dildo troll, don’t feed the trolls! we have real people with which to discourse. bless all who stand for peace and justice (occupiers be strong, one day your children will look back and thank you)

    • our voting system is not at all democratic it is rigged to favour the two main parties and once in power policies are purchased by the donations odf the 1% wake up!

  3. £10 per hour if companies did not have all the legislation piled on its back ,that would work

  4. The City of London Corporation is everything that is wrong with our society and is the lynch-pin of the corporatocracy that will are forced to live in. OccupyLSX is quite right, and extremely brave in taking challenging it’s grip on power.
    As we are seeing, the more we challenge the establishment and the system, the more oppressive the police will become. Stand tall in the face of oppression.
    The sun shines on the righteous.

    • Forced to live in? As I said before, if you want to change it, form a party and get a consensus from the population. Camping out in tents will do nothing. There are options for you if you are so “forced” to live like this – the easiest would be to leave the UK! I would fully support that!

      • That’s right! Everyone in the UK lives in a house and if you don’t live in a house please leave UK.

      • Are you nuts! form a party! nothing will be sorted out until we dismantle the system and start again, if you can’t see how corrupt all levels of government, local, national and international are then you need to educate yourself, seriously mate we are moving ever faster towards a corporate regime, go and look at the lawful rebellion website, tpuc.org, uk column are all imformative

        • Oh please! I thought you wanted democracy… As I suspected, you lot are just a bunch of raving lunatics!

          • Beyond arguments of ‘you just don’t understand’ ‘Are you nuts! form a party” ‘you’re asleep to the 99%’ no-one has actually explained why you can’t just form a party, get voted into government and then defeat ‘corporatism’ by not listening to corporations and changing laws to suit you ideology. This is how democracy works, surely and if enough people support your ideas you will be able ti implement them in the manner.

            My opinion as to why you can’t do this is because whilst your general sentiment that the rich are too rich is supported by many, your solutions are seen by the majority as being barking mad. So please explain clearly why you don’t get voted into government and then change things from there.

          • Hi Dave. My short opinion on the subject:

            To change things you have be an MP in a party with a majority. To be a Lib/Lab/Con MP you must be ‘selected’ to run for a seat. ‘Selection’ is not democratic, and people who do not share a parties values will not be ‘selected’.

            Therefore, there is no place for people with ideas that differ from the narrow focus of Lib/Lab/Con. Caroline Lucas is the exception that proves the rule.

          • We want dialogue, greater transparency and accountability, education, equality and democracy. Seperation of corporations and state, fair taxes, tax havens closed (including the city),tax avoidance by corporations ceased and trolls like dildo to go hungry, don’t feed the trolls!

          • DillDoe, you are asleep, open your eyes and get off your high horse. I live in my own house and have worked hard all my life, now retired if I wasn’t caring for my ailing mother I would be there in tent city with them, on our present course of government and corrupt systems we have sold our childrens future this is not sustainable,

  5. Dill Doe,
    My old friend , still at it 🙂

    Do us all a favour, take your own advice and form a party and take your campaign somewere else please.

    People know it in their hearts, we are now providing the facts, there is nothing that can change that 🙂 By their own tools, they will fall !!

  6. 1. Publish full, year-by-year breakdowns of the City Cash account, future and historic.
    2. Make the entirety of its activities subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
    3. Detail all advocacy undertaken on behalf of the banking and finance industries, since the 2008 financial crash.

    Arguing for transparency is undoubtedly a good thing, however I don’t believe that’s why you’ve made these demands. I think that they are more of a reaction to the fact that they want you to clear off and have little, if anything to do with any publicised objectives of Occupy. Points 1 and 3 imply that you are alleging bribery/improper payments/cash for favours between CoCL and big business if I read between the lines. Unless you have evidence of this, you might want to avoid the conspiracy theories as it damages your credibility.

    Overall, you’re not really in a position to call the shots since the CoCL could get you shifted tomorrow if it wanted. I suspect it would rather you went voluntarily due to the hassle and the cost but will tolerate the protest for a finite time knowing that you’ll all go if the weather turns or when the time runs out, with the threat of a forced eviction.

    In response to your point one also, why don’t you set an example by publishing the same as well as all unredacted minutes from the start of the protests to date? It’s hypocritical to have a dig at the CoCL when you’re not very transparent yourselves.

  7. I fully support the ‘stance’ taken by ‘OccupyLSX’ and agree the time has come for real (peaceful) and open democracy in our country.

  8. I would propose that no one within any organisation may earn more than ten times the pay of the lowliest.

    To anyone who disagrees and argues that big business would leave our shores I say, let them leave and let us build a new society for this new century. And since it will be a fairer, happier, healthier society others will follow our example.

    Do you yourself earn more than £250,000 a year? Do you know of anyone who does? Do you need more than £250,000 a year to live one? What do you need all of that money for? Do you have Stockholm syndrome?

    • Do you want to do stuff with other people’s money? I mean, do you want to do stuff with the boss of RyanAir’s money, or Wayne Rooney’s, or Paul McCartney’s, or Mick Jagger’s, or Ricky Gervais’? Do you know exactly what those people do with their money? How do you plan to get their money? Are you going to ask them nicely? What if they refuse to give it to you? How will you coerce them? Do you actually think it’s not even their money at all, that it’s somehow ‘your’ money, at least in part? How can we trust you with all that money, anyway?

      • How I would answer you:

        Q – ‘Do you want to do stuff with other people’s money?’
        A – Invest in public services.

        Q – ‘How do you plan to get their money?’
        A – Progressive taxation.

        Q – ‘How can we trust you with all that money, anyway?’
        A – A transparent, open and accountable government.

        It’s really that simple.

    • Peter,

      Ok, you have an idea and it sounds kind of reasonable. Now you need to commission a study in order to find out exactly how it will affect then country, Then, if it still seems good, you either lobby for it it be taken up by a current party or you set up your own, get voted into power and implement your new rule.

      What are you waiting for?

    • I would love to earn over 250,000 per year be it USD, Euro or GBP. Here the maximum rate of tax is 16% , so paying it is no problem !! Main problem is that I can’t earn that much in the first place. If any can assist, please advise.

  9. Well done Occupy LSX. Keep up the good work!

  10. The Corporation of London needs to change its ways. Its time for real democracy, not corporate control. I came out of university 10 years ago with a degree in politics and thanks to what I learned a case of serious depression. I’ve been in a black pit ever since – until now. Now, I have hope for the future thanks to the efforts of people in Occupy camps all over the world. The Occupy Movement is shining a light on the future. All we have to do is stand together. We are the 99%!

  12. I endorse and support the decision you have taken. If you had acquiesced to the demands of the banks and corporations who control CoL in a parody of democracy, then you would have been giving them a mandate to evict you, and you would have become party to your own eviction, as well as compromising your integrity and values. Besides, in the battle for public support, between Occupy and CoL, you have already won hugely, and so there is no real reason why you would surrender to their ‘deal’. If they choose to try to forcibly remove peaceful protestors, then let them be fully accountable for that action, instead of letting them off the hook. There will probably only be a few days difference between the outcomes of deal or no deal anyway, after legal processes are dealt with, so really it seems to me that it is much better that you have stuck to your values and your challenge to the assumptions of people and corporations who have arguably been party to the wrecking of the nation’s economy, through idiotic and reckless practices, with the cost and burden falling on ordinary people, who have had to sustain cuts to services to the elderly, the young and the poor (and to almost everyone) in order to finance the bail outs, that have arisen because of the mentality and greed, from which the CoL cannot detach itself. To acquiesce in their demands would have been to accept largesse from an institution that despises what you stand for… an institution that is being daily challenged and called, by the public, for its lack of transparency, its lack of democracy, and its lack of anything really except its own privilege and vested interest. So, no deal then. Hold your ground!

  13. We support you!

  14. You have much support OccupyLXS, thank you for all your work.

  15. Rhosymede Fiore – I agree entirely with your eloquent and succinct statement as to why Occupy lsx is in existence, as with all Occupy movements around the world.
    One question comes back time and again from those still ‘sleeping’ and living in the illusory safety net of denial: ‘We know what the Occupy movement is against – but what does it stand for?’ For those asking this question:
    – a paradigm shift is taking place in our species and the presence and evolution of an online global consciousness is a fascinating journey to observe AND participate in. Through our global thought and continual discussion there will, over time, evolve a new way of being – this journey has not been embarked upon in humanity’s history hence, the outcome is ever-evolving. The question that those who are still in denial (regarding the ruse of today’s democracy) should be asking themselves is: ‘Do I want to be part of humanity’s journey towards a truly direct democracy pertaining to love, peace and honesty or will I tell my grandchildren I remained ‘asleep’ and in so doing allowed the world to become one privately own corporation and I therefore contributed to the fate of oppression for all future generations.

    Edmund Burke:
    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’

    • I agree that a paradigm shift is taking place, Iquita.

      All creatures evolve. Their evolution creates best models for survival of the species.

      What I see, and it is aided by the power of social networking, is the evolution towards a greater sharing of consciousness.

      The experience of this will also open people’s minds to the goodness and naturalness and practicality of sharing lives, resources, communities, hopes.

      This is a process of emergence (with accompanying pain and reaction, the birthpangs and contractions of something new).

      Our planet has been raped and pillaged. Capitalism and greed have run amok. Habitats have been despoiled. The concept of community and sharing and stewardship of resources for the wellbeing and balance of the planet and its inhabitants… has been over-ridden by the markets, the search for individual profit, the exploitation by the few of a power and privilege of wealth… at the expense of the many, the planet, and its lifeforms.

      The evolution towards a more shared awareness and consciousness will not come easy… it will meet resistance… but it is so attractive that it will draw in others.

      As you say, it is a paradigm shift. It says: we need to be socially and humanly aware of the poorest of the poor, and network with one another, to ensure that the resources of the world belong to the people of the world, and not just the privileged few.

      Rhosymede Fiore

  16. I absolutely support the occupy movement. Stay strong and we will become the 99%. xxx. Justice,Compassion, Love, Peace

  17. OCCUPY

    In London ,New York and Bangkok
    Occupy is all the talk
    London ,New York and Belfast
    Wall Street thought it wouldn’t last
    The Politian’s come and go
    Yet we see the movement grow
    These banker boys each sold their soul
    Now Satan’s minion, is their role
    With Ponzi schemes and pension fraud
    They’ve made Euro ,and the Dollar god
    These bankers crawl in self-made slime
    Yet think, we see them , as sublime
    When the starving masses rise
    These idiots look, in quaint surprise
    As if they never, ever knew
    Their devilish mix, their mammon brew
    Would not bubble and burst, out of their hellish Ponzi pot
    Where theft and graft, and greed were got
    Right now the 99% do rise
    And peacefully surprise
    Obama Blair, Cameron and cronies
    Exposing them as Satan’s phonies
    The British Bullshit Corporation does tell lies to the whole nation
    We can vote X factors best
    But starve our weans and damn the rest
    We all believe that which we see
    Cause it comes out the BBC
    Yet it’s a hellish sewer
    Shat in by Satan’s biggest whoore
    In her mouth she gobbles greed
    Lies and deception, her biggest need
    Then shits out war and poverty
    Which then floats past for all to see
    Along that sewer from the BBC
    Where nothing is as it should be
    There is One Truth, then there’s yours, then there’s mine
    Until you starve, all things are fine
    Till you’re against the wall
    Then barriers will fall
    And you’ll begin to see
    99% just aren’t free
    And life and love is but a loss
    Though you 1% should fear

    andy sorbie

    • Believe me it ain’t the talk of Bangkok. There is a mega flood in progress & as the major exporter of rice in the world, Thai rice has taken a hit. If you want to take a punt bet on rice on the commodities market, since there will surely be shortages after this ! People are too concerned about being flooded out of their homes & losing their livelihoods to be concerned about tents in St. Paul’s !!!!!!!

  18. Occupy London score an internet success against City Of London Corporation. Search traffic increased by five!
    More here: http://wp.me/p1Znbh-f

  19. It is somewhat amusing how many people can sit from the comfort of their chairs and condemn the Occupy Movement from the safety of the other side of a computer monitor. People are very brave when the only opinions they rely on happen to come from their own narrow-minded perceptions. How many people actually criticising the camp have actually visited the place and spoken to the people there in person, before condemning them as “middle class idiots” I wonder? If you have to take your opinions from the Daily Fail, then you don’t deserve to have an opinion in the first place. Otherwise you should know better to go down for yourself, find out what is going on, and be able to formulate an intelligent argument rather than relying on trolling. As for the Occupy Movement getting into politics – that is definitely an idea worth considering. However, the elections are some time off, and the camps are about doing something NOW to highlight the issue, and helping people that need it NOW, not just sitting around bitching about maybe doing something in a year or two. Perhaps if you took the effort to go down there and look at the camp before judging them, maybe you would be able to actually see this for yourself rather than believe the lies of mainstream media that has spend so long not doing anything for anybody but themselves and preaching that this is what should be normal for society.

  20. Time for Occupy Bye-byes.

  21. You’ve got my vote, 99%ers. Keep up the good work.

  22. The occupy movement is the start of a world wide revolution against capitalism! We will win because we have the support of so many people behind us! To all the pro capitalist people out there you are evil class traitors – support this movement instead of being apologists for the bankers and the tories!

  23. Support from me, my housemates, my dog, my rich friends, my poor friends, my Christian friends and my agnostic friends. Things need to change, and I think anyone who can’t see that is either too scared to look, or genuinely doesn’t care about the next generation.

  24. But, I don’t think capitalism needs to go, it just needs to change.


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