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Occupy London invites you to Occupy Democracy this Jubilee weekend

This Jubilee weekend, at noon on Sunday 3 June by the steps of St Paul’s, Occupy London invites you to its Occupy Democracy event.  With speakers including John McDonnell MP, Donnachadh McCarthy, Peter Tatchell, Alberto Durango (IWW City Cleaners Branch), Dr Louise Irvine (NHS); plus representatives from the Jubilee Debt Campaign and Occupy London’s Real Democracy Working Group, all are invited to explore and celebrate the historic and continued struggle for government of and by the people.
Bring food for a pirates’ picnic, participate, listen, discuss, debate and dance for democracy as we celebrate what we have achieved and explore how the undermining of parliament by the City, Crown and Corporations allowed the banksters to rob the people and ask:
  • Is our democracy democratic?
  • How does it work? Why doesn’t it work?
  • How did it get here?
  • And what is the ‘democratic deficit?’
The speeches, teach out and debates will culminate in a procession around the Guildhall and on to the Bank Of England. Come as you are or don the colours of the Levellers (green), Chartists (red), Suffragettes (violet) or go dress as a renegade Punk, Pirate or Digger. All welcome here!

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