Crowdsourced Occupy London logo deadline approaching, competition about to begin


Occupy London has invited supporters to submit their creative ideas for the new logo of the movement by Wednesday 7 December.

The drive to find a new logo via crowdsourcing follows threatened legal action on 11 November from Transport for London (TfL) as it objected to Occupy London’s initial logo – loosely based on the TfL’s iconic roundel.

Occupy London supporter Laura Taylor said: “We’ve already had lots of potential ideas for logos submitted and are excited about unveiling the new identity, as chosen by the public. Send in your contributions, be part of the movement and help us create a better world.”

Suggestions are welcome at and shortlisted entries that meet the below criteria will open to public vote:

  • Originality: Our new logo needs to be original. Images based on existing corporate logos or any variations thereof cannot be used
  • Key messages: Our new logo needs to reflect what the Occupy movement stands for. Some key words that might help: democracy, equality, 99%, London, global movement, occupy
  • Colours: We welcome any colour combination, but our new logo should also look good in black and white so that we can use it on different coloured  backgrounds.
  • Neutrality:  Our new logo cannot resemble the imagery of any political party or similar institutionFile formats: We would prefer to receive submissions in two formats, as an esp. and a high-resolution jpeg.

2 Responses to “Crowdsourced Occupy London logo deadline approaching, competition about to begin”

  1. I really like the simplicity of the default logo that’s been in place for a while now since the other one had to be replaced.

  2. FB group set up to discuss the possibility of OLSX itself being a work of art.


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