Occupy London calls for a Day of Artistic Expression


Where: OLSX (Occupy London, St Paul’s)
When: Saturday 10th December
Why: Because it’s fun

Occupy London calls for a day of artistic expression. If you are a painter, sculptor, gardener, designer or rebellious soul with something to say, this Saturday OLSX can become your canvas. Unleash your creativity on our occupation! We want banners, paintings, crazy designs, writings, colourful posters or just surprise us. Children and families are especially welcome. This occupation is about many things but at its heart it’s all about love. Love for each other and our troubled world. Come and help turn OLSX into an expression of that love.


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  2. Never trust a capitalist, all they want is your money!

  3. I’ve built this online cartoon tool: http://occupylondon-withcartoons.org, which tries to make it easy to make political cartoons. The whole project is in support of Occupy London. The cartoons are printed and handed out at St Pauls.

    How it works: you simply pick from a selection of ‘ready-made’ cartoons, re-mix them into your own satirical comic creation, and add captions.

    I’ve been inviting many artists to contribute work, to build up a big stock of ‘ready-made’ fantastic drawings and cartoons for others to remix. Martin Rowson and Matt Buck have very kindly contributed some of their original cartoons.

  4. Made this post and drawing for OccupyLondon:


    Merry Christmas! but not for opposition within the cathedral.


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