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Occupy London at St Paul’s, Sat March 1st


assembly2Join us for our first General Assembly of 2014 on March 1st at 3pm, on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.

This assembly marks two years since the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted.

Everyone is welcome to join us. We don’t expect thousands to show up on March 1st, but perhaps this could be a new beginning…



There will be chance to voice some of your own ideas and concerns; to experience different ways of debating, organising and making decisions; and to become part of a network of people and groups working towards economic, social and environmental justice.


This agenda will be refined at a GA planning meeting starting at 1.30pm on Sat 1st (ie just before the GA). All are welcome to this planning meeting, which will take place in Apostrophe Cafe, just across the road from St Paul’s steps.

1) Introduction to assembly, consensus and safer spaces. TOTAL TIME 10 MINUTES

2) Update on what working groups & allied groups have been doing and/or plan to do this year:

Very short, eg 2 minutes each. TOTAL TIME 15 MINUTES

3) Update from Tina Louise on Barton Moss & anti-fracking protection in the north.

-To include: clarification that OL does formally support peaceful anti-fracking campaigns and camps: test for consensus.

4) Introduction to a new DEMOCRACY ACTION WORKING GROUP (John Sinha, Mike Gold)

-Introduction, questions, temperature check on the broad idea. If warm, collect email addresses with a view to set up group, and feedback on progress to next GA.

5) Brief update from Earthian (occupier and peace pilgrim).

-Quick recap of Earthian’s peace mission to the Middle East & around the UK & an introduction to the next phase of his journey.

6) Discussion: 4 groups, 4 topics: TTIP, Austerity, World Issues, Democracy.

-Breakout groups, to discuss their topic for 10 minutes, then one person from each group reports the key points discussed back to the assembly. (If there are not enough people in any one group, they can join another group – this way we discover what topics most people are interested in.)

7) PROPOSAL SEEKING CONSENSUS (Michael Gold, Peter Dombi): This GA confirms that Michael Gold and Peter Dombi should develop, off-line, a new Occupy London website that will address the current website’s underperformance with the public. They will put together a small  working group including a professional website designer, preferably from within Occupy, and report back within 3 months.


8) PROPOSAL SEEKING CONSENSUS (Peter Deane): Does OL want to support ‘Breaking the Frame’; as follows?

“Together with Scientists for Global Responsibility and Corporate Watch, Luddites200 (www.luddites200.org.uk) is organising a gathering – planned for May – on the politics of technology. The Breaking the Frame Gathering will bring together campaigns on the technology politics of food, energy/climate/ environment, the military, work/economics/austerity, the internet, civil liberties/privacy, health and gender etc, as well as trade unionists, radical scientists, artists and developers of alternative technologies. We are hoping that your organisation will participate and there will be opportunities at the gathering to talk about your work.

1) Would Occupy be willing to be listed as a supporter of the event?
2) Would you be prepared to help us publicise the event by letting your supporters know about it?”






Here’s what one London occupier describes as an inspiring ‘teaser’: a short film (8 minutes) about Occupy and participatory democracy, from Occupy Wall Street: CONSENSUS (Direct Democracy at Occupy Wall Street)



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