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Well been here nearly a week and its starting to come along. If ya fancy popping down and helping out everyone welcome.

Having spent a number of nights on the site, the potential for this to become a community hub of learning, shelter and growing is vast. Already we have had contributions of food, tents, promises of pallets and tools. We have had interest from a number of people with different backgrounds and experiences. We are currently clearing small area’s for tents, building the toilet, next will be a shelter to keep the wood and bio mass dry, then we will move on to a communal structure that is dedicated to warmth and another that is dedicated to quiet learning and reading. There is a vast repository of knowledge throughout man kind of basic structures that stand up to the weather. Below are a few websites that explore the possibility of what you may wish to build at the community support village.

If you look at labour’s policies over the last few years you will see the damage that they started to cause. Just take the building of more social housing it was Labour that put a stop to that. Like I say the ConDems policies that Labour councils are enforcing are so wrong. Labour need to get off the band wagon and do something about it. Labour mps and councillors and mayors are so willing to stand by and watch the vulnerable people of our society be starved and pushed out their homes on to the streets. Labour are so willing for children, , disabled and old people to be put at risk of dying. I was in a conversation with Labour Leicester Mayor, Peter Soulbys, who stated that he knows that people will die. Well Leicester is a complete 52 labour councillors run so why don’t they stand up and be counted? Yes there have been threats by Eric Pickles and others but if the whole council stand up they would find it hard to sanction the council. Labour also are saying now that they will now be hitting the people who have to claim benefit. Again hitting the disabled and other people with health issues. Well let this be a warning to all councillors and MPs. People are getting fed up with the main political parties and if independent people stand, I am sure that the country will start to vote for them.

~Lee Barney Weston.

Leicester Community Support Village:

Leicester Eviction Resistance:


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