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The Occupy Justice team – based at the former Old Street Magistrates Court 335-337 Old Street – were in court this morning to contest an application for an interim possession order made by Mastcraft Ltd, who have owned the grade II-listed building since 2006.

We are pleased to report that following two adjournments, Occupy Justice and Mastcraft Ltd were able to come to an agreement, which was presented to and agreed to by the Judge. Occupy Justice will now take care of the building until 23 January, before handing it back to Mastcraft.

Occupy London would like to thank Mastcraft for having the imagination to work with us in giving this fine building a new lease of life – as well as perhaps the last ever trials to take place in the building – while it awaits redevelopment. We hope this agreement will serve as a model for others to follow.

With the future of Occupy Justice secured for the next 20 days, a first schedule of their very own hearings – which will see the one per cent put on trial – will be released soon.


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  1. Hmm bunch of tax dodgers with a shady past. Be careful #occupylsx do not sell your soul to the devil.

  2. Looks like Occupy has joined the Establishment!

  3. The point that everyone seems to forget……….Is……………..


    200 years of Industrial exploitation proves that !

  4. For almost 10 years (between 1998-2006), the Society of Black Lawyers (SBL) worked to acquire Old Street Magistrates Court in order to turn it into a ‘Community Courthouse’ for disadvantaged communities and in particular, young people. We developed a range of law-related community programmes aimed at teaching young people about the law (‘Youth4Justice’); providing free legal advice to the elderly (‘Elderly Legal Assistance Programme’); delivering free law seminars and workshops to those who required it (‘Legal Literacy Project’); and creating accredited volunteering opportunities to assist the unemployed in getting back into work (‘Volunteer Internship Programme’). The social and economic benefit to the surrounding community would have been immense had we succeeded in purchasing the courthouse, but due to the immense greed of the Tory controlled Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), the Old Street was put out to public tender and we could not compete with the financial clout of the likes of Mastcraft Ltd.

    We intend to block any planning permission applications by Mastcraft Ltd to turn Old Street Magistrates’ Court into a high class exploitative hotel. They do not care about the community and Occupy Justice should not be fawning over such an immoral company.

    The following ES article should be of interest to Occupy Justice members and supporters. This is what Mastcraft Ltd is really about:



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