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Occupy Justice in court tomorrow


Occupy Justice will themselves be in court tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10.30am at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court, Gee St, London EC1V 3RE.

Mastcraft Ltd, owners of the grade II listed building since 2006 without moving forward with any development plans, are seeking an interim possession order.

Occupy Justice, which is housed in the abandoned Old Street Magistrate’s Court that was liberated just before Christmas by Occupy London and Occupy Veterans, will shortly begin putting the one per cent on trial.



3 Responses to “Occupy Justice in court tomorrow”

  1. We really need to provide a fair and balanced defense of the 1 percent, anyone working on that.

    There must be a chance that the court will find that the current economic system is good, or the thing will be a show trial, anyone working on that?

  2. Putting the one percent on trial is pointless, as even if they were all convicted and incarcerated, the next one percent down the pyramid would simply step up into their shoes and carry on, ad infinitum. The corrupting power of money is a force never to be underestimated, as was so aptly metaphored by J.R.R. Tolkien, with Frodo Baggins as bearer of the one ring.
    What would be interesting to see would be for a Magistrate/Judge ruling in favour of Mastcraft to be placed under citizens arrest for aiding and abetting a corrupt policy, with their authority on that courtroom suspended pending a full public inquiry.


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