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Occupy / Indignados / Arab Spring Announces Weekly International Network Meeting


From our friends at Take the Square:

Occupy/Indignados/Arab Spring is preparing a fresh new wave of gatherings, actions and campaigns.

This is a call for a meeting to communicate and discuss a common agenda, while looking for ways to interconnect our diversity of struggles, movements and moments. We are on the way of building an International Road to Dignity, and we invite everyone to join.

An early example of how our renewed Road to Dignity could look is here: http://roadtodignity.blogspot.com



Also there is a list of planned actions and summits here http://titanpad.com/listofsummits2012, please add your own proposals

We intend to hold a work meeting in order to exchange information and agree on common GLOBAL action plans in the short future.

Please visit our hub on InterOccupy or get our Call Information

The meeting will be next Monday 30th July at 20pm CET (convert to your local time here)

We will keep a calendar of future meetings here.

After the meeting, attendees should be able to take back to their assemblies, a genuine view of the situation of our global movement, its common goals and agreed dates for further work meetings.

We kindly request you to spread this invitation through all your communication channels. Thank you!


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