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Occupy Gandhi: Parliament Square 4th May 2015



Occupy Gandhi: Parliament Square 4th May 2015

Peaceful Direct Action

Tarpaulin Meditation for Urgent Action on Climate Crisis

Calling for UK criminalisation of fossil fuel exploration and investment.

This Occupy Gandhi Meditation is calling for the immediate criminalisation of UK fossil fuel exploration and investment, recognising that to have any reasonable chance of avoiding catastrophic temperature rises, we need to keep over 80% of existing fossil fuel discoveries in the ground.

The billions being Invested in finding even more fossil fuels to destroy our ecosystems with, should instead be invested in renewable energy systems, to try and help avert total catastrophe for future generations.

This direct action is part of the May Occupy Democracy which believes that we need:

• major democratic reform of the media to break the stranglehold of the criminally destructive fossil fuel interests.

All of the five extremist right-wing UK media billionaires are opposing adequate UK government action on the climate crisis.

• a fundamental overhaul of lobbying and the way powerful fracking, coal and oil corporations inhabit the corridors of power within government.

Fossil fuel corporations such as Shell have direct access to senior civil servants across Whitehall via internal training programmes.

• A ban on legislators with vested interests in the fossil fuel industry voting on legislation in relation to fossil fuels and the climate crisis.

A shocking number of members both Houses of Parliament either work for, have share in or are directors of fossil fuel corporations.

In previous Occupy Democracy protests at Parliament Square, the police have declared that tarpaulin is a proscribed item in the square.

We believe Gandhi would meditate on tarpaulin as a peaceful direct action to call for urgent action on the climate crisis, if he were in our situation.

The time for urgent action is NOW!

with love
The Occupy Gandhi Team x


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