‘Occupy Eleven’ in Court


Yesterday, a District Judge declared that there is sufficient evidence for the prosecution case to continue against eleven occupiers who were arrested during the eviction of the OccupyLSX camp at St Paul’s Cathedral on February 28th. The ‘Occupy Eleven’ have been charged with “obstruction of a bailiff enacting a high court writ”.

The OccupyLSX camp was cleared by bailiffs, with police assistance, in the early hours of the morning. The eleven defendants were amongst occupiers who climbed onto the camp’s kitchen shelves while the tents around them were dragged away. The eleven waved flags and chanted, remaining peaceful while police controversially cleared the church steps, carrying praying protesters away from what had been assumed to be a safe, sacred space. Bailiffs removed furniture piled up around the kitchen shelves and the ‘Occupy Eleven’ clung onto one another in an attempt to remain upright on their narrow ledge but, one by one, were pulled down by bailiffs and promptly arrested.

The defence argued that no clear warnings or instructions were given to those occupying the kitchen shelves, however the prosecution won the first round and the defendants returned to Westminster Magistrate’s Court on Marylebone Road this morning.

OccupyLSX Eviction – On the Barricades


4 Responses to “‘Occupy Eleven’ in Court”

  1. How can they have been obstructing the bailiffs when there were no tents in their vicinity?

    Jobsworth bailiffs and police.

  2. Jamie Kelsey-Fry ‏@JamieKelseyFry

    ‪#occupy11‬ sentence: Conditional discharge, no costs, no exclusion!! One who shouldn’t have been part of case fined for d and d @OccupyLondon

    Jamie Kelsey-Fry ‏@JamieKelseyFry

    judge went against prosecution’s calls for year exclusions and fines and acknowledged ‪#occupy11‬ were peaceful making a stand @OccupyLondon

  3. as Jamie Kelsey-Fry said there was 1 person that shouldn’t of had there matter heard in the same amuse case. That was me think they tried linking obstruct pc to the 10 obstruct court official. My obstruct pc was dropped n i was then sentenced for a drunk and disordery just before the others were given there conditional discharges

  4. Heroes every one of them for each one 100 Moshe Silman are born thankyou.


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