Occupy Edinburgh Returns!


Occupy Edinburgh have announced that on Saturday the 12th of January they will take to the streets with tents, banners  and re-occupy the streets once more.

The group’s call to action reads “People of Edinburgh, the time is upon us once again to remind our governments and banks that they work for us and not the other way around. In this time of austerity and extreme hardships we  must remind these tyrants that we are the change we wish to see, that we are the 99% and that we will take no more injustice. The time has come let the reoccupation begin.”

Occupy Edinburgh gained much attention during 2011 and 2012. Most notably they where the only city occupation to be given public endorsement by the local council. The SNP, Liberal Democrats, Labour and Green Party also publically showed their support for the Occupiers. The group has remained active since then and has forged long standing alliances with other local campaigns including Friends of the Earth and the National Union of Journalists.

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