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Occupy Democracy wrongful arrest update


Donnachadh Mccarthy

Wrongful arrest update! Good News. By Donnachadh Mccarthy

Just a quick note to say that the police have informed my solicitor that no charges will be laid against me after their aggressive over the top mauling of me at the Occupy Democracy peacful protest in Tarpaulin Square on Saturday evening.

Huge thanks to the huge amount of love and support that I got from so many people over the last couple of challenging days, especially the Occupy Democracy heroes who waited in vain for me to be released from Charing Cross Police Station on Saturday evening.

The outrageous accusation that my standing peacefully beside Boris Johnson’s private security corporation guard (AOS), as they were seeking to evict peaceful pro-democracy protesters from Tarpaulin Square, with a cardboard placard shaped like a coffin, with the inscription “UK Democracy RIP – killed by corporate billionaires”, was seeking to “intimidate a court witness and deter them from giving evidence”, never had any substance whatsoever in fact.

As I said in my police statement “I gently, resolutely but firmly deny that I did anything to intimidate anyone at the peaceful protest in Parliament Square”.

Yet about 12 police officers swarmed me, took me to the ground and threw me in a police van and then held me in solitary confinement for 16 hours, whilst they futilely tried to find non-existent evidence.

This FOURTH arrest whilst peacefully protesting in Tarpaulin Square over the last 5 months, will not deter me from being there for the next pro-democracy protest by Occupy Democracy on March 7th.

This leaves me still facing 6 other trumped up charges, including one trumped up charge of “common assault” for bumping into a private security guard whilst trying to protect a peaceful protester from being attacked by the guards. This trial is on June 18th. Four other charges relate to my standing peacefully with a folded tarpaulin under my arm.

Meanwhile the man who had ordered the massive repeated clampdowns on our peaceful protests, London Mayor Boris Johnson treats the owner of the criminal industrial hacking operation News UK, Rupert Murdoch to lavish public hospitality and continues to personally get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds every year by the arch Jersey and Monaco based tax-avoiders The Barclay Brothers, owners of the notorious “fraud on its readers” Daily Telegraph.

The capture of our democracy by The Prostitute State continues to destroy our planet and facilitate a criminal concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1%.

Create a loving day friends.

Donnachadh x


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