Occupy Democracy – join us, January 24, Parliament Square


Returning every month since the launch of Occupy Democracy in October 2014…

Please JOIN US in Parliament Square on Saturday afternoon and evening, to demonstrate and participate in Real Democracy Now!

Draft programme for January 24th Occupation (check Occupy Democracy website for updates):

12-3pm –  Wrap Up Trident

3-4pm – Direct Action Groups Discussion with Stop the Arms FairSmash EDO & others to be confirmed

4.15-5pm – Matthew Burnett-Stuart​ & Tom Barns from Campaign Against Arms Trade w/Q&A

5-6pm – Speaker to be confirmed

6.15-8.15pm – Assembly:

This will include an initial discussion of Occupy’s Democracy’s relationship to the election (which will be continued at a dedicated day-long discussion on Sunday 8th February), and consideration of the following possible additional demands that have been suggested by Occupy Democracy supporters:

  • Take back the power to create money from the banks (aka “Positive Money” aka “Democratising Money”)
  • Stop subsidising and promoting the arms trade (currently £700m / year) including shutting DSO
  • Cancel [“odious” / unjust] debt to free countries from debt slavery [and stop underwriting new dodgy deals]
  • Legislate  so that  parliament has to authorise going to war (at the moment the Royal Prerogative probably  gives the executive this right)
  • Don’t renew Trident
  • massive scaling back of the military (if we need it at all?)
  • don’t take part in wars abroad – if there is a military, all foreign intervention be limited to peacekeeping
  • remove war from the diplomatic toolset
  • hold the Islamophobia industry accountable for its actions in creating instability in similar fashion as those who be accused of initiating an unpopular militaristic coup d’etat


8.15pm Entertainment – to be confirmed

9pm Ends


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