Occupy Democracy, 27 October 2014
By Julie Timbrell – facilitator of the GA in which the demands were discussed, debated, objected to and resolved.


Provisional set of demands
At our final general assembly last night of our 9-day pro-democracy occupation of Parliament Square we agreed a set of provisional demands under three headings -People Before Profit, Environment Before Profit & Democracy Before Profit.


These demands will be subject to an ongoing, open and democratic process of refinement and improvement.


People Before Profit

• No Privatisation of the NHS

• Programme of Green Social Housing

• Close down Tax Havens

• No TTIP CETA & TISA trade deals

• Abolish Tuition Fees

• Living Wage for All

• Universal Basic Income

• No to privatisation of all public services, including but not limited to schools, police, public transport and public spaces

•Reverse Privatisation of Public Spaces

Environment Before Profit

• Ban Fracking & Invest in Renewable Energy

• New Green Deal including One Million Climate Jobs

Democracy Before Profit

• Reform of Party funding & lobbying and ensure full transparency

• Reform and Democratise the City of London Corporation and end the role of Rembrancer

• Introduce Proportional Representation

• MPs not to have second jobs

• Close the “revolving door” [ between government and corporations]

• Oppose corporate secondment *

• On entering the Houses of Parliament members must divest themselves of all financial interests and this must be subject to credible oversight*

• Hold a citizen-led Constitutional Convention for real democracy which must recognise that a Constitution is a living document.

• Major democratic reform of the media in order to break the stranglehold of the media by vested interests.



* The assembly agreed that the demands concerning corporate secondment and the financial interests of members of the Houses of Parliament, in particular,  would be discussed further.

The assembly also agreed to further debate , as a priority , the ‘right to recall MPs’ ; Rights for Mother Earth and banning all extreme energy extraction and import ( e.g Coal Bed Methane, Arctic Oil, Tar Sands, large agro-scale Biomass )






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