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Occupy Democracy 10th May: There Are Alternatives, Where Next?



Sunday 10th May:There Are Alternatives, Where Next?

Looking at some next steps for the democratic movement. The day starts at noon with David Whyte discussing

ChildrensAssemblyhis recent book How Corrupt is Britain? (12pm), after which there will be a participatory session on reimagining democracy and moving towards a citizens’ assembly on the constitution opened by Open Democracy founder Anthony Barnett (1:30pm-4:30pm), , then a participatory session on Tax Justice with Jon Christensen of the Tax Justice Network (4:30pm-6pm), a general assembly will consider next steps for for the democratic movement; and proportional representation (6-7pm) and songs of love and revolution(7pm).

See you all there!

Republican Socialism.

Relocating to Parliament Square: In This Together, Mark Carney.

Constitutional Convention: Charter 88

How Corrupt is Britain:

Breakout Groups: Runnymede.

Coming Back Together

Tax Justice Network:


Occupy Democracy GE2015


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