Occupy by Design


Occupy by design is a new project to expand the idea of occupy.

These designs have been created for you to use in different spaces. We’re also including some ideas for how to use the designs, but they’re hardly exhaustive. We’d love to see your ideas and your photos and video footage of putting them into action. Be as creative and inventive as you like!

Email them to occupylsx@gmail.com

Take a photo using this poster in different places in your town or city. Occupying isn’t just about setting up camp. It’s about the using your ideas, bodies and creativity in original and inventive ways.

What imaginative place can you use this feet poster? Who can you get to stand on it, where could it be placed?

Here’s the video we made to explain the idea.

If you have your own idea for a deisgn, make one and send it in.

All designs above by the talented Mark Calderbank.

You can find more designs here.




2 Responses to “Occupy by Design”

  1. I have just completed my first film. I made it at the start of the year before the occupy movement was begun. Check out ROBIN trailers on my web page.Uncanny! ROBIN a story for our time! It’s time to steal from the rich and give to the poor! SOLIDARITY!

  2. Occupy Everywhere WHY?

    You’re losing sight of the aims of social justice you espouse.


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