Occupy Barnet meeting 15-01-14


Occupy Barnet Meeting Minutes

Where: Mill Hill Bohemia

When: 7:30pm 15-01-14

6 in attendance.

Agenda and points:

De-Briefs: Mike Freer MP Christmas Carol Action and..

Whittington Hospital Action. – Discussion regarding successes and improvements.

Outreach: Space needed on Occupy London website with time line of actions and links to FB page and email.

Bedroom Tax: Janette will attend Barnet Alliance for Public Services meeting on the 16th to discuss Occupy Barnet future actions.

RMT: Design for leaflet printed by RMT to advertise public Occupy meeting in Barnet. TEXT and date still required.

Discussion: What is Occupy Barnet?

The group brainstormed what actions Occupy Barnet had done so far. What broad values we shared and what sort of entity we are. The result is as follows:

Occupy Barnet is a “Local Action Group”

We campaign on social issues such as squatting rights and homelessness. We take direct action, set up community centres and join in local and national protest action.

Broadly speaking we fight for social justice that we define as greater economic equality, environmental sustainability, direct democracy and individual empowerment.



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