Occupy and the Global Movement


Activists from Occupy, 15M and The PIIGS talk about Agora 99 and The European Social Forum at the Friern Barnet People’s Library.

In the past month events around Europe have helped strengthen the ties with other movements around the world and in particular in the rest of Europe. As a result two convergences occurred in early November: Agora99 in Madrid and The European Social Forum in Florence.

People from Occupy, 15M, and The PIIGS who participated in these events will be giving a presentation on them, describing the outcomes and laying out the important dates that people around the world are mobilising for in the next months.

This will not only be an opportunity to find out what’s happening and ask questions, but also to discuss what place Occupy in London can take within the global movement.

The event will be held at the Friern Barnet People’s Library, a space reclaimed by occupiers and the local community. It will be a chance to see this beautiful project, and show your support as the court date approaches.

See all of you there!

Friern Barnet Library
Friern Barnet Road
N11 3DS


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