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Occupy-15M World Social Forum Planning (Mumble) Meeting – 30 November 19:00 GMT


This is a Call for a Mumble Meeting / Open Space on 30 November 2012 at 19.00 pm GMT


World Social Forum 2013 will be taking place in Monastir, Tunis in March. This Forum might be a strategic space for us. Tunis has become a symbolic place for the global movement, as the Arab Spring was born there. March would be a proper time to gather and exchange with other movements and networks that have florished in the North African regions and the Arab World. This forum would serve as a meeting place for those involved in local Occupations, assemblies, and mobilisations in other parts of the world during 2011 and 2012. We can build and strengthen the links between exsisting neworks around the mediterenean region and globally strategise May and October joint-actions. We can practice our methodologies, as we did in Firenze 10+10, while communicating and sharing our new knowledge and tool kits with those outside these movements.

The idea behind this Mumble Meeting is the necessity to discuss and share ideas, experiences and opinions we’ve developed in the common spaces we have created such as transnational assemblies, Hub Meetings, Agora 99 as well as others like Firenze 10+10 and to reflect on the possibile approaches to be developed towards the WSF 2013: Do we need to Occupy World Social Forum, in order to come together at the global level, for the first time since 15M or Tahrir moments? Can we create new synergies that would contribute our transnational and translocal struggles to build egalterian and geniune democracies globally?

Lets meet this Friday (30.11) AND next week on Friday 7th via Mumble to discuss this in depth and start developing an approach towards WSF 2013.


Mumble Download and Setup: http://www.occupytalk.org/ Port 64738, Room Global Round Table and http://occupii.org/page/tech-mumble


The date of the meeting is 30 November 2012 at 19.00 pm GMT

and next week (Fri 7th Dec) same time, same interface


  1. First Part: (on news and updates) To share information from those participating and following these gatherings.
  • Updates from Agora 99 in Spain, 1-4 november
  • Updates from Firenze 10+10 meeting and OccupyFirenze99 assembly in Florence, Italy, 8-11 november
  • Updates on the disussion about World Social Forum Palestine and WSF 2013 Tunisia

2. Second Part: Open space on how to relate / collaborate with or / link to WSF 2013 in Tunis

  • What is WSF, background, who participates and how
  • + and -’s of meeting in WSF 2013, Tunis

Lets meet on 30 November at 19.00 pm GMT to talk about how to expand/improve our international communication and networking towards WSFs and beyond!

MEETINGS CAN ALSO BE HEARD ON THE :http://occupii.org/page/global-roundtable LIVESTREAM PAGE:     http://occupii.org/page/livestreams-occupylsx

Collective Pad for the Meeting: http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSF



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