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Occupation at Central Saint Martins



Occupation at Central Saint Martins by Samia Malik.

I’m over the MOON about occupation at Central Saint Martins. Huge respect to all UAL occupiers!! Central Saint Martins elite art school, with an internationally renown reputation. I’m a strong believer in education, creativity and art. Although I credit St martins to develop me as creative person, however I also know from being a student at St martins; students are customers, who are turned into products to design commodity for consumers. Art education should not be about this.

Life has become soo commodified that people cannot imagine a life without consumerisms. Political correctness is classed as a threat. People are afraid to show solidarity with truth because they live in soo much fear. We need a global revolution ASAP. This requires occupation of everything from: supermarkets, clothes shops, governmental sites, media, culture, art, music, housing sites and more. Occupy till demands are filled!

We just had ARTIST TAXI DRIVER in talking to us about his foundation at Camberwell.

Here is a video of Rowan and Mostafa talking to him.

A great article from one of the students here at the occupation on why we are occupying Central Saint Martins.
Why We’re Occupying Our Art School

Occupation at University of the Arts, London

Not sure what’s going on with the cuts to Foundation? Here’s a briefing:
Why we need to fight for Foundation


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