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Now for something different – Decorating the heath


Crossposted from Accidental Anarchist – Now for something different – Decorating the heath

The last few weeks have been more hectic than usual with Reclaim The Power Blackpool mid August and Stop Nato in Wales this week. Both involving lots of organising and actions some of which stories can not be told here and others that will be coming soon. But always after madness there is the recharge. For me this is pottering round the house catching up on the chores, washing, sorting, putting away, walking the dog, cleaning the fridge, climbing mountains. Where the pile of clothes, junk, bags,coats and odds and sods on the first chair inside the door now has nearly got to toppling point. This then takes the form of a purge and lots of the bits and pieces that have managed to become clutter are are put into piles, kids, bedroom, charity shop, bin and so on. You know how it goes.

Some of this clutter was a load of crystal glass type drops from a cheap chandelier I had removed to make room for my own additions and this bowl of glass drops had now been sitting on my table for weeeeeeeeks. So this afternoon I decided to go to the Heath and decorate another tree. Moving on from wool as previous on to crystals. The Heath is starting to turn and the leaves are changing colours and you can hear nuts and seeds falling on to the floor. An afternoon spent threading crystals with different coloured silk threads and watching the tooing and froing of the Heath.

Next was to find the right tree. Believe it or not no easy task on the Heath. I found a fallen tree in a cut through trail just off from the main path. I know these won’t be seen by everybody but as the leaves begin to fall off around it will become more visible to the passer by. So I hung the crystal from the branches of the tree and watched them sparkle in the sun. Walked away and hoped that people enjoy the discovery. But even if they never get seen I had a beautiful creative afternoon and I feel so much better for it.

For more photos:
Now for something different – Decorating the heath


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