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Notice served by Corporation of London


As expected, today the Occupy London Stock Exchange site (OccupyLSX) has been served with eviction notices by the City of London Corporation. We will be posting our response shortly but thought it important that you see the documents themselves as soon as possible. To aid in review of the text, here is a transcript.

Like you, Occupy London is reading the documents carefully and will make a considered response shortly.

Yesterday, in response to the Corporation announcing that it would be restarting legal action, Occupy London posted this statement.


82 Responses to “Notice served by Corporation of London”

  1. Yey! Away with the dirty, communist tented ones!

    • Dill,

      How do you feel about the causes Occupy stands for?

      Would you like to see improved economic equality, social justice, sustainability? Are you happy with things as they are?

      • Good questions, I want to know why these people keep coming on here saying the same old stuff. I am genuinley curious as to who these people are, what they do and what their interests are on this site. Keep up the good work occupy.

      • Dilldoe,
        I find your comments immature and quite insulting.

        In one of your earlier comments, you’ve suggested that if the English people did not like their work or pay, they could leave the country.
        May I say that this country is called England and it is the home for English people.
        I’ve noticed that you’ve scribbled something in Russian. Is that where you are coming from?.. Well, all I can say is that I am embarrassed and ashamed of your behaviour. How dare you tell English people to leave their own country, so you can do the work etc. It is people like you, who’s selfish interests are all about money and nothing else. It is people like you who do nothing to contribute to the growth of this country. Why don’t you leave England and go to where you’ve come from. England would be so much better without you.

        • Well, I would have to disagree I’m afraid. I can’t remember the Russian reference but no, I do not come from Russia, I am British and live in London.

          Also, I did not say that if the English people (I note you say English rather than British…interesting…) don’t like their work or pay that they should leave the country. I actually meant that the lazy commies camped out on one of our great landmarks should get out of the UK (as well as the nutter who wrote something about burning poppies)! The majority of us Brits believe that changes need to be made and are going about it in a democratic and controlled way, whereas you lot in the Canvas Corp sit around all day holding pointless “general assembiles” (also, a bit grand for a get-together in some dirty tents!) and complain.

          Hope that clarifies it for you 😉

          • Dill,
            Thank you for correcting me on the definition of English and British. As this subject is deeply political I won’t be going into it as this site is not for this kind of agenda.

            I would like, however to give my opinion on some of the points you’ve made regarding the changes which are needed to be made in a democratic and controlled way rather than holding pointless “general assemblies”.

            Some may argue and some may agree. Some would say: “Go and get a job and stop moaning”.

            That’s the point. I’ve noticed, the harder and longer we work, the less we get unless we are in the 1% group. Maybe the involuntary servitude or slavery has not been banned in 1834, after all. Or perhaps some agreements have been made either without us being aware of it or without our consent, behind the closed doors. Of course, I keep on forgetting that we are not that important when it come to decision-making. We are only remembered for our taxes, so that the super rich 1% can have all the parties in the world..and we are not invited.
            I am not sure what “Democracy” is but I’m sure I’ll find it in a dictionary.

            I am not against the people trying to build their carriers and get rich. I believe everyone is entitled to be rich in his journey of life, but not necessarily through materialistic world at the expense of another.
            A quote comes to mind: “Try not to become a man of success. But rather become a man of value”. (Albert Einstein). Another one is: “Our Scientific Power has Outrun Our Spiritual Power. We have guided missiles and Misguided Men”. (Martin Luther King).

            Regarding the protesters at St Pauls. I don’t know whether their movement is right or wrong but at least they have managed to highlight important issues especially regarding the uneven distribution of wealth throughout the world.
            My understanding is that if we continue to allow to be used by EU, IMFetc.it will be only a matter of time before all the nations (not only the nation of Britain) go bankrupt.

            What would happen if the countries go bust and the people will have nothing to eat? Well, turning to “cannabalism” would probably solve some problems. Maybe the Elite’s population-reduction program is already in force?!.. I can’t help, but I keep on seeing this picture of me ordering a menu called “Rockefeller stew”, but the other side of my brain says: “No, it’s too expensive, you can’t afford that..in fact it is so expensive that it is being guarded by the biggest “Arm’s industry”.
            I guess I’d better stick to my dream. Some dreams do come true however…who knows…

  2. Oh Dill Doe.
    Whatever it is you do through the day, it doesn’t keep you busy enough.

    • Ha ha, well I do a damn sight more than the lazy hippies who are camped out on St. Paul’s! This does keep me entertained though, I must admit!

      • And what a sophisticated form of entertainment, you are way ahead of me, ever since a kid I have got my jollies kicking pigeons or surrounding myself just with people who will never challenge my admittedly shallow world view and aspirations. Dill, do you want to swap some Friends tapes?

  3. I’ve been up to both camps this week at lunchtimes… 2 people visible at Finsbury Square, and maybe 5 at St Pauls… is anyone still there to be bothered by eviction?

    • Are you the same person who estimates the numbers of people at protest marches for the police and the BBC?

      • No, I’m someone who works close to both camps and actually takes the time to go and look.

  4. Hey Dill, I think you are right, about time we all pulled the wool over our eyes again and carried on in this exceptionally just and egalitarian world the status quo has created, where it’s way better not to think, not to question and carry on in blissful servitude. Glad there are so many like you up here!

  5. That is not a legal eviction notice, just an invitation to leave. Boring disingenuous embarrassment from paid bully’s. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • emabarassment should have read harassment

      • Occupy supporter, an invitation to leave is what polite, civilised people do, as oposed to making ridiculous demands as the occupy movement do. You all pretend to want a totally democratic society, yet you all choose to ignore those that disagree with you. You seek to impose your views on thos that do not agree, and you pretend to be the 99%. Reality is that you are about 9%. The rest of us do not accept your views, and will not be dictated to, by you.

        • Billy, they are career protesters, they just want to live in tents wherever they choose and complain about everything. I look forward to watching them get removed! Hopefully there will be some popcorn stalls nearby – should be a great night out! 😛

          • I’m not lazy hippy. I work (paid and in unpaid overtime) as a junior doctor. And I will be spending my annual leave at OccupyLSX in a few weeks time. Yes, sleeping there too.

            The biggest health and safety hazard in the City, is, well, the City itself considering the gross inequities in society that it serves to perpetuate. The distribution of financial wealth upwards to the 1% only takes it away from the rest of us. Old folks are getting worse care, because council budgets have been cut. They are also facing massive fuel poverty this year when their fuel allowance cuts conspire with inflated energy bills.

            I know it can be mentally taxing to draw all these different problems together and link them to rampant capitalism and the activities of the Corporation of the City of London, but stop for a while and think.

            There comes a point when you may know enough, or feel strongly enough. That’s when you need to start doing more.

            In solidarity with the Occupy movement, and the rest of us.

          • James,
            Thank you for feeding the trolls with a more healthy diet than most of us can afford, I must stop shopping at primark as it is obviously playing havoc with Billy and his Dill Doe’s, they keep getting verbal diarhoea !!

    • Looked like an eviction notice to me….

      You have been evicted from the Big Brother House… You are the weakest link, goodbye!

      • BB house viewer – says it all. Baaah, do some research instead, educate yourself instead of spreading rumours, learn the FACTS. I dare you.

        • Just because I quote a well known phrase from an absolutely awful TV program doesn’t mean I’ve ever watched it. Probably one of the only things we’ll agree on Canvas man, I also hate BB!

          However, I never said you were wrong. I’m not a lawyer specialising in this sort of thing, are you? I said it simply looked very much like one to me…. I suppose time will tell…

          • For extra clarification – I think both of those shows are rubbish, but then that’s going off point 😛

  6. Presumably Finsbury hasn’t been served yet? I’d love to see how many (i.e. none) respond to this invitation. Solidarity from Brighton, we’re behind you (and to the south)

    • Finsbury Square isn’t in the City – its up to Islington to evict them.

    • …and beside and below and everywhere Hasta La Victoria Siempre

    • you really must excuse my terrible generalisation and stereotyping but need to 🙂 about brighton being ‘right behind you’
      smile 🙂 everybody I am joking !!

  7. By the way there are undercover cops staying at the occupy LSX camp see this: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/confessions-of-an-undercover-cop/4od

    • let them be! As I’ve said before, the more they stick with us the more they’ll understand that they are working for the wrong system and the wrong cause(though I hate dividing the world into “right&wrong”!)

      • Helly dont worry because YOU haven’t , its been done for you by our useless governments and their puppeteers.

  8. It seems the city london corp doesn’t like it when a group takes possession and control of something – I guess we of the 99% feel that way too . . .

    • Whose streets?

      Our streets.

    • How are you the 99%? Are you interested in the rest of the world or are you parochial enough to think only the UK matters? Trust me, when you look at the global picture, you are very much in the top few percent.

      • 1% of the population own 99% of the wealth.

        I am not part of the 1% that owns all this wealth. Therefore I must be part of the 99% that doesn’t.

      • “Are you interested in the rest of the world or are you parochial enough to think only the UK matters?”

        The Occupy movement is worldwide.

        “Trust me, when you look at the global picture, you are very much in the top few percent.”

        All the more reason to push for a world with more economic equality, however we personally fit into the picture.

      • Another case of “small but well formed” then…..

    • Doesn’t seem like Stewart has any problem with groups of people taking what they do not own – I vote you all go camp out in his garden.

      Hmm, actually, “voting” is probably a bit too democratic for you tented ones. Maybe Colonel Canvas can make the orders…

      • You must be living a very pain filled life dill.

        I suspect and this is pure speculation. That you are a farmer or large land-owner of some sorts.

        You must by now be starting to realise that in the coming generations those who have a lot will be seen by society in a bad-light. For society is but a balance. You cannot live harmoniously in a society without reaching an equilibrium of sorts.

        So therefore is the dillemma. Do you teach your children to be selfish and money motivated, but to be despised by their fellow man?, or do you start teaching them to live selflessly and look out for their fellow man how and when they can. To be accepted even though they may have little.

        The real question is do you love your children?

        If the answer is yes. Then start the process now and you will find respect and admiration awaits you.

        If the answer is no. Then you have my deepest sympathies.

        Good luck whatever you chose

      • Just out of pure curiosity, does the setting up of a camping site not require some sort of planning permission??

        • Thank you Billy for such positive and priceless contribution! We would kindly invite you to take your views down to our next GA in an hour or so!Possibly in person, as opposite to cyber! Or stay in the comfort of your house sipping wine cowardly anonymous!

          • Well done Helly, thanks for proving that you all are anarchists! As it happens, I cannot afford the cost of coming to your next GA. Guess what, even if I could, wouldn’t, cuz you’re a sad bunch of loosers, who have no meaningful contribution to make to make to the modern world!!

        • I wasn’t preaching billy, i was saying it as it is.

          You are the one dreaming if you think, this system will continue the way its been going for any decent amount of time from now.

          And if were on the subject of calling it how it is, then currently your acting like a f*cking d*ck.

          You know what i’m not holier than thou,and i don’t profess to be. Stop trying to undermine others and try using your skills to do something creative.

  9. Environmental working group just gave 5 mins notice on Twitter about their next meeting.
    Would have gone to have a look but a little more notice would be good. Oh well.

  10. What scares me isn’t the eviction notice, but some of the reactions to it. I think there is much we learn from these occupations, from each other, adn the sense of possibility our coming together brings – it’s a breach in our imaginations, and helps us see that alternative economies/politics are possible. But whether it is in my case (tahrir) or yours (Occupylsx) there’s only so much we can acheive at home. I think we should consider a gathering of like-minded occupiers, regionally or globally to start putting all these new ideas into plans and possibly action. The people united, can never be evicted 🙂

    • I’m not sure what alternative economic or political systems the occupy movement has proven are possible. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

      It seems to me that the decision making process is cumbersome and inconclusive, with many people within the movement arguing about what has or has not been agreed at a particular general assembly. Meetings to decide whether to hold meetings!

      And this is with a membership of what? 200-300? How exactly would this be rolled out to a population of over 60 million?

      • Full reserve banking for a start.

        The problem with the ‘movement’ is they fail to play the game. Most people are so dumbed down by main stream media, advertising and television that a couple of socialists make the whole thing look like the USSR.

        By refusing to play the brainwash game with the genral public they are esily sidelined. Instead of just pointing out the scam and being a source of information and awarness without taking a political side, some want to change the world and fall into the hands of main stream media and Dill Doe.

        Slowly slowly catchy monkey. This country is addicted to credit and materialistic possesions which are essentially gleamed from the rest of the world via fake money that has no worth and is only backed by their big asshole of a brother the US via murder across the globe.

        The ponzi scheme will end but if people stick to the political paradigm another one will be put in it’s place and the freedom of man will slowly ebb away to be left with a bunch of braindead souls who fear not being like everybody else and will do anything for fame.

        You guys entered a media war and they’ve got BIG guns.

        Everybody knows we’re getting ripped off. All you have to do is help people open their own mouths and speak. Not turn their world upside down.

        • Irrelevant, keep taking the medication, and, with a bit of luck, you will remain forever, irrelevant!

          • lol

          • Billy you little shit, stop attacking others.

          • now now somerandom easy on the insults, after all you dont actually know his is little do you, the rest may be true 😉 but you cant be sure he is a ‘little’ because he just might be a ‘BIG’ *&^%

  11. It’s time to fully implement the 14/11/2011 consensus at the GA. That is have ready our communication internally and externally and progress on the task groups reporting weekly to the GA for approval.

    • … I mean the consenchus achieved on the 14/11/2011 at the GA

  12. Simply put: Even if legal action is taken on the 17th, it’s against the law under section 143, part c) to enforce their power to seize the tents until after a month has passed. So they’ve got at least another month there, if I’m right.

    • So, basically, you’re saying that you will defy the law. That makes you anarchists, and guess what us real people think of them??

      • Hey Billy,

        How do you feel about the issues Occupy stands for?

        Do you want to see more economic equality, social justice, sustainability, or are you happy with things the way they are?

        • Jonni, how I feel about the issues ‘occupy’ stands for, is irrelevant! The real problem I have, is that you do not seem to have any ideas, other than to punish those who have been successful in their lives!

          • A few things I’d like to pick up on.

            1. Laws are a double edge sword, designed to both protect your freedom and encroach on it. In this situation, in addition, no laws are being broken as the current Eviction notice is not in fact a court order, it’s only a notice. Well, technically a notice AND a threat, but anyway.

            2. Someone who breaks the law is not an anarchist. An anarchist is someone who wishes to or believes in removing all goverment and state restraints on human activities. If I say, stole a watch (Which I wouldn’t, I would just like to say), how does this say that I wish all goverment to be abolished? Similarly, if I said I wish for one law to be changed, how does that imply I want all laws abolished. I strongly suggest you read up on the definitions of your words before you use them.

            3. It’s not aimed at punishing those who have been ‘successful’ (And I’m using your definition of success, which is apparently vast monetary gain). It’s aimed at the redistribuition of wealth so that one person who works equally hard as another isn’t payed half as much. It’s about changing it so Corporations don’t have a monopoly on the market, so that they arn’t rendered invisible by both their assets and the laws designed to protect the PEOPLE. It’s about giving the power BACK to the people, so that they can decide how this country is run, rather than politicians making decisions designed to enchance the corrupt, corporation managed economy and get them relected.

            Just sayin’.

          • Spoffy I bow to you in un-asked for respect !
            You have just earnt it from me for what it is worth.

      • Most people have no clue what anarchy is and have never even heard of anarcho-capitalism.

        Anarchism is generally defined as the political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, or alternatively as opposing authority in the conduct of human relations. Proponents of anarchism (known as “anarchists”) advocate stateless societies based on non-hierarchica voluntary associations.

        Sounds great to me.

        No needless wars.

        No hiding behind a corporation and limited liability.

        No fake money.

        Taking full responsibilty for your own actions.

        But hey no worries, let the state nanny you and kill children across the globe in your name and for freedom and democracy.

        And democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.

        I’ll take anarchists anyday thanks. Lack of state does not mean lack of morals. Unless you’re a baby that needs a nanny of course. Lack of state does not mean lack of law and courts either.

        Same old brainwashed bllx “us real people think of them”. The people don’t think they are programmed. Ever wondered why they’re called television programmes?

        Your argument is flawed bro.

      • and so anarchists are NOT real people? What are they then? Care to explain please….as I am made of flesh and bones, (and I am not an anarchist anyway!) and none of my definitions end with ist,and ian

  13. Would it be possible for you to actually clarify if this is an official eviction notice , as if it is I,m thinkig about travelling down from The North to give you some support .

    • John my understanding is that if the tents are not removed by thurs 17th they will proceed with legal action, how this action pans out is to be seen. Dont take my word on this but hold tight for now or join occupy Liverpool, Good luck.

  14. About time you lot got cleared out , glad they have finally took some action against you all. Been past this place a couple of times, the smell is atrocious, I recommend you all go home and take a shower.

    • *glad they have finally took*The Grand educashun scheme strikes again eh?

      • I’m pleased that you don’t deny that the place stinks. I presume the people at the camp are used to wallowing in their own filth though, that has to be the only plausible explanation for the continued camp site in the middle of London.

        • Its not whats on the outside of the cup that matters david, but that which is on the inside.

          Jesus once said something along those lines.

          If people are smelly but have big hearts and love a lot.

          Then i think they are 100 times cooler than people who are clean, presentable, but rotten on the inside.

          Thats just my opinion though.

          • If i’m going to quote Jesus, i should try and practice what i preach i guess.

            Apologies Billy for the name calling, it was my error.

        • David,
          maybe its because they are ‘wallowing’ in the ‘city’ they have become tarnished by it !
          just a thought !

    • If all you can think about when you pass by is how bad the smell is, them I’m afraid you may well be a very shallow person indeed.

      Personally, I give kudos to them for having the balls and determination to forsake everyday comorts such as a shower for the good of the country and equality of society.

  15. i remember the heathrow runway protest. BAA ltd tried to get an order over land they didnt own. they failed! Is history about to repeat itself?

    • My last comment is prompted by the injunction map, which in my opinion is not correctly detailed or scaled. The Judge may well take the view that “where there is doubt, chuck it out” as its up to the Claiment to get the claim right.

  16. Well, as far as I can read , there is nothing about you cannot protest there on the eviction not, it is more l like if you want , you can turn up every day and do what you are supposed to be doing . It is just against the tents. The block a path.

    Did you do a proper research of what would be affected when you decided to camp there? Do you know there is people who is about to lose their jobs because their shops or pubs or cafe’s are not getting customers, because of your selfish action?

    By saying that it is not going to ruin any bussiness because most of them belong to corporations…do you think you are affecting the big corporation bosses or just the people from the 99% who are working hard every day?

    Is it playing football at St Pauls stairs necessary for the nation and fighting corporation greed?

    Don’t you think it will be more realistic 1% -rich people-; 24% -protesters and supporters- and 75% -people that agree with the message but not with your ways ?

    Don’t you see that people who supported you at the beginning is starting to get tired or annoyed because of your lack of aim or purpose? Is it releasing statements and GA resolutions doing something for your beloved 99%? or is it all just talk like politicians do?

    Why don’t you save yourselves of the shame of an eviction, leave the site, clear the tents and then show up to protest everyday, then go home , have a nice shower and sleep?

    • My view on the world maybe different from yours but the way I can see it is that the greed and corruption are destroying out planet and every living creature on it, and if we do not do anything about it, then we might just contribute to it’s further destruction. If you are one of the 99% then this applies to you too. The movement of Occupy LSX or Wall st.around the world are not about the tents. The movement is so much deeper.. We live in a world manipulated by so called money, which, in fact is a promisory note…there is no real currency. Please, do some research on “MONEY AS DEBT”. That should give you a better idea as to what is going on in the financial markets that we have become so dependent on. It is unfortunate that some smaller businesses might encure some loss as a result of the ongoing protests if this is true at all, but In the long term, I believe, everyone will benefit tremendously. It requires patience, perseverance, deep understanding, unity, willingness to happily participate in the events which would benefit many and not only you (only you=means selfish interests), help others who may be weaker than you. Togetherness is what is lacking along with discipline, love and responsibbilities. The world can be beautiful again if we give it love and care and it is not difficult to do. There are so many ways of bringing love and happiness back to where it belongs -“our hearts”. With many years of oppresson, separation from our families, loved ones, friends etc. we have become an isolated easy target for the banks, financial institutions, politicians, police etc. Those protesters camping in the tents are standing up for you and me. They are the next generation, with huge responsibilities to take care of everything on this earth. Of course, there are many issues to be solved and not everything they do or might do in the future may be perfect, and it is not easy either but at least they are trying. In fact, they are working very hard trying to work out how to make your and everyone’s life better. So, a word “selfish” from your comment would be inappropriate. Although, I have not been to the camp myself because of my poor health, I would like to support and contribute in some way to this movement instead of criticising it for this and that. Although in a real democracy everyone is entitled to express it’s opinion, it can sometimes be upsetting…no one is the same. Keep optimistic.

      • Thanks for your reply but my point is that no one has said they cannot protest, thare are so many ways of protesting, and the eviction note is not for protesting, is for putting semi permanent structures without permission, which are obstructing the normal routine of a busy transit area or even the emergency exits of a building, St Pauls, used by almost 2 million people every year; and from whre most of the bussiness on the area depend.

        Let me disagree with the patience on the long term when in this climate where many people is jobless, this protest is just causing more people to lose their jobs, and none of them bankers or corporate people, they are 2 clergy men from St Pauls who resigned, and who knows how many shop assistants or waiters from coffees nearby are about to get paid less because there is no work for them?Will they see the movement as a benefit for them or will they be angry ?

        I know about money as debt, I am very well informed about the situation and I totally agree that the world and the system fails,and it is good that people want to work together for a change; but I am certain that more people will support this movement if it wasn’t about occupying, or as it is your situation, if it was more accesible for people with health problems.

        We are talking about democracy, but this “we are 99%” is not approaching the 99% truly. I feel it is more like “if you dont join us, you are either 1% or have no idea what’s going on”.And people will take the occupiers more seriously if they were dressed properly and not playing drums, bon-gos, football, or attracting people not related with the cause, or just opportunists. Think about when one goes for a job interview. Does a future employer take seriously someone who goes for a job interview with sports clothes, or does he prefer someone who goes neat and tidy? Who will you think people will listen, the youngster with untidy and creased clothes with bags under his eyes becasue he is sleeping on a tent for a month., or the fresh shaved youngster with an ironed shirt ? I know it is superficial, but isn’t it the way we ,humankind, work?

        Why don’t the movement just take a step at a time and focus on just one thing , and when that thing is achieved, go for another one, instead of 200 voices with different complaints?Do you want the message to be listened or just to be heard?

  17. It seems that the questions which were put to the City London Corp. by the protesters were a little bit uncomfortable for the establishment. Well, it shouldn’t really be if there was nothing to hide. Yet, they’ve decided to implement whatever action was necessary to get rid of the protesters rather than answering their questions. I thought in a real democracy everyone was entitled to freedom of expression with regards to the feelings, concerns etc. That’s how we learn, communicate, share our knowledge, wisdom, spiritual growth and moral responsibilities towards each other.
    Oh…I’ve forgotten that most of us (99%) are the commoners in the eyes of Big Corporations and other financial institutions as well as the politicians, the Royals, the law-enforcers etc.
    This movement, I believe, even though organised by a small number of people, has woken up many those who were sleep-walking.
    Oppression only adds more fuel to already established fire. That’s my opinion.

    • I’m not agreeing with the CoL corporation in everything they do but they havent said ‘do not protest’, it is just ‘do not put tents’. I mean, will you like it if your neighbourgh planted a tent just at your doorstep so to go to work, you would have to cross to the next house backyard and exit from there??

      If you don’t care about the normal people who works on the area and that you are affecting with this camp, or the tourists that couldnt go insed St Pauls, , why do you think the Big corporations are going to care about you?

  18. As an American, I can assure you that this:

    “The majority of us Brits believe that changes need to be made and are going about it in a democratic and controlled way,”

    will eventually get you in exactly the same utterly privatized, corporate-controlled-government mess that America is in. I guarantee it, because no vote or candidate is going to outweigh the power of money and influence that the mega-corporations can purchase. They can even purchase control of your votes. Can’t happen there? Think again. Already consideration of privatizing your NHS is being sold to you as a ‘benefit.’ Already you battle the GMO producers. I could go on endlessly.

    Already the same people ruining our country have made in-roads into yours, and you have two demons to fight; the corporate megaliths and the EU Central Bank, who appears to exist basically to control and profit off it’s member nations.

    I hope with all my heart that you wake up before it’s too late; I love Britain dearly and it is my ancestral home. Don’t surrender it to the profiteers.

  19. Does anyone know if there is a place on this planet that is free from the Bankers, Governments, Corporations..?
    I am for a simpler life and I think I could manage that all by myself.
    No North Pole or Sahara Desert, please.


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