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Not On the BBC. Livestream footage of Tony Benn’s Funeral.


Not On the BBC. Livestream footage of Tony Benn’s Funeral.

Tony Benn's Funeral. #TurnOutforTony. Photo by: Obi_Live

Tony Benn’s Funeral. #TurnOutforTony. Photo by: Obi_Live

#TonyBenn. #TurnoutforTony.

Parliament Square, Outside St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey. Supporters of Tony Benn coming down to pay their respects.

Arrival of funeral procession.

30 minutes after I stopped livestreaming, we found out that the BBC was not covering the funeral, so I had to re-start my livestream outside the Church.

My apologies, I was under the mistaken assumption that the #BBC would not ignore the passing of such a great man. They gave him 3 minute footage, compared to the two week footage of Thatcher’s funeral. They managed to interview Jack Straw instead.

Last year, Sept 29th 2013, a 50,000+ strong protest march outside the Tory Party Conference in Manchester was ignored by the BBC and relegated to local news at the end of the day. People were pointing out that where it not for Facebook and Twitter, they would not have known that the march happened. November 5th 2013, the Million Mask March of 477 locations around the world, was deemed too small a protest to spend any time to report upon. Russia Today took the time to report live.

Occupiers ended up having another demonstration outside the BBC Broadcasting House Portland Place, to complain over the systemic practice of censorship, Occupy The BBC, which attracted over 250 supporters; along with pickets outside eleven BBC locations. This was also ignored and not reported. At least, the NUT Teachers’ Strike, on March 26th 2014, had a 2 minute report and shown twice during the day. Perhaps if they had given a longer report compared to the non-story of a certain celebrity couple’s separation, which gained more screening; it would not have rankled quite as much. The NUT Teachers and supporters did congregate outside their doorstep after all, the BBC reporters could have just walked outside and asked the people holding the signs and banners.

The BBC is funded via the Licence fee, which is paid by those who own television sets. They have forgotten that they are working for the public who pay their wages.

As an Occupy livestreamer and alongside others in the Community Protections Camps, we ended up having to become our own independent media. In the face of corporate control of the mainstream, and the BBC overrun by the Neo-Liberal Right Wing agenda, we have no other choice. We also act alongside Legal Observers as another arm to support protesters and environmental protectors from being strong armed by the police.

Our Livestreamers always need funding and support. Being in the frontline of demonstrations, we face assaults from the police and agent provocateurs, causing damage to our equipment at a frightening rate. If you can, please donate via the paypal account nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk or contact us if you would like to donate your old smart phone.

As the Citizen Journalists of the Occupy global movement. Our videos show you the real world. We continue to expose the systemic corruption seeking to destroy our democracy. Instead of corporatocracy propaganda, we give you unvarnished truth, streamed live over the net.

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Occupy the BBC London: March Against Mainstream Media Demonstration. April 19th 2014.

“Now in a world of international capitalism, we are being dominated increasingly by people we did not elect, can’t remove and who therefore do not have to listen to us…..” Tony Benn, Steps of St.Pauls, 9/11/11.

It’s the BBC’s rightwing bias that is the threat to democracy and journalism


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