No TTIP Planning Meeting


 By Inka Stafrace

On the 2nd August the NoTTIP Planning Meeting took place at the Friends of the Earth’s luxurious office in Stockwell.



minutes Apart from reflections on the 12th July National Action Day from various cities but mainly London, and the work that led up to it, the 60 or so people who turned up were faciliatated into groups based on areas of interest that were crowd sourced from the attendees.



The list of working groups that formed can be found below along with the contact email for each one.

Although a co-ordinating committee exists, for this movement to be successful, it depends very much on each working group taking initiative and going forth with their ideas and acton plans.

If you are interested in being involved in this movement please join one of the working groups below. If you are interested in forming a group/area of interest that is not covered please do so. It would help us strategize and not double on work if you let us know.






Although occupiers in London are involved in the NoTTIP forum, this not an Occupy London initiative per-se. It is a collective movement in which Occupy Londoners are involved.

The first point of reference for the NoTTIP movement was a National Speaking Tour that were organized for the first week of July 2014 as well as the 12th July National UK Day of Action.

Now we need to work towards stopping TTIP altogether and the Global Day of Action on the 11th October.

The working groups are:

Comms – Social Media and Alternative Media

Parliamentary Group  – Lobbying Parliamentarians and MEPS

Target Group – Research and Education

11th October Action Day Group

Outreach – Local groups and businesses

Co-ordination – Within the NoTTIP forum

If you are interested in joining any groups or forming your own please contact Inka on


next planning meeting copy







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