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Why join Biofuelwatch to #AxeDrax on the 20th April?

This is a guest post by Louise at Biofuelwatch.
Deep in the heart of north Yorkshire, near Selby, lives a giant dinosaur.  Not the kind with scales and wings, the kind that grumbles along, producing electricity fuelled by coal and biomass.  This dinosaur is called Drax, and it’s time has come.  As far as Biofuelwatch[…]

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By Peter Dombi; cross-posted from Our Broken System
This week we have been rocked by the Tax Avoidance scandal coming out of Panama, after a whistle-blower leaked more than 11 million documents from the law-firm Mossack Fonseca. This firm has spent the last 40 years helping their wealthy clients worldwide to hide money and[…]

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Resign! A gathering at Downing Street

Iceland wouldn’t put up with their crooked Prime Minister, and neither should we. It’s now clear that David Cameron and his family have benefitted hugely from offshore tax havens, all the while he lectures us on how morally wrong it is, and how his government is closing tax havens down. He’s a liar and a[…]

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Heartfelt anger articulated by BBC personality, Jolyon Rubinstein protesting outside 10 Downing Street, calling for ‪#‎ResignDavidCameron‬ 9th April 2016, after it has been discovered that the UK Prime Minister has benefitted from off shore tax havens, while his administration pushes austerity.

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Edward Snowden’s David Cameron Tweet Tells Public To Rise Up And Force PM’s Resignation[…]

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By Peter Dombi; cross-posted from Our Broken System
This week we have seen the Tory government slowly getting engulfed in the crisis caused by Indian company Tata’s threat to close steel works across the UK. As well as meaning that the UK would no longer have a viable steel industry,  if this were to[…]

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Listen here to interviews and highlights from Grow Heathrow’s 6th birthday party!

London’s most famous eco-squat celebrates 6 years of inspired resistance. We go along to the party and talk to activists there about their struggles, their successes and our shared future.
Support our show here:[…]

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Join the March for No Jobs!

‘The goal of the future is full unemployment’ – Arthur C. Clarke
On Saturday April 16, join Radical Assembly in marching for a future without work.
Technology is removing jobs at an incredible pace, from factories, supermarkets, from offices, soon even from the roads. The left should recognise the mobilising potential of a call for[…]

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Shut Down Security and Policing 2016!

Join a mass demonstration outside the Home Office to demand an end to their secretive ‘Security and Policing 2016’ event happening this March in Farnborough.
We’ll start at 5pm sharp to make sure we are there when Home Office staff are leaving for the day. We’ll be sharing stories of state repression and[…]

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