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Newcastle: Resistance HA/Council eviction of a Disabled Tenant


Resisting the Bedroom Tax Eviction. Photo: Chloe KM

Resisting the Bedroom Tax Eviction. Photo: Chloe KM


Today, residents of Newcastle stood strong and peacefully resisted an eviction! We prove at court, incapacity to work, and are now chasing council for multiple failures.

If we had not rushed straight back to the flat, ignoring press outside, we would have missed the locksmith trying to gain entry, to change the locks and add a metal frame around the door, because council ‘accidentally’ forgot to follow direct instructions from the court … naughty naughty!

Folk like you, stood peacefully, police watching from two vans, stopped the locksmith, resisting the eviction, that the court had already stopped!

Thank-YOU, everyone that helped, the folk at court, and the fourty or maybe fifty, that over the course of the two hours of resistance, showed the strength of #PeoplePower!

Anyone else with threat of eviction looming, please, let us help you. We ask nothing in return. Anyone else, with housing/benefit/sanction issues, we’ll help you too. Let us show you, all the steps, to saving your home, but with us doing all the work, and you’ll see how easy huge issues become the council’s problem, and not your’s. Threats and intimidation from NEWCASTLE CITY COUNCIL should NOT be ignored! Keep all the letters, audio record ALL the conversations, and communicate via Email ONLY when you start the chat! We’ll show how to get the compensation due, when council staff do not do their jobs, and try to evict, at ANY & ALL costs!! Do NOT trust NCC, nor their ‘arms length’ housing company YOUR HOMSLIVE NEWCASTLE! They are currently, NOT YOUR FRIEND.

#PuttingTheUnity #BackInTheCommunity #commUNITY #BeatTheBailiff! #OccupyDemocracy! #CameronMustGo #BedTax #BedRoomTax #Debt

Resisting the Bedroom Tax in Newcastle: Eviction of Disabled Tenant Adjourned For 42 Days


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