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New Radical Occupation in Central London


FREE-EDUCATIONStudents, Workers and the Occupy Movement Join Forces and Open A Free Education Space In Central London on Saturday the 8th of Feb at 2:00pm. 

238 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8HB

This Free Education Space is hosted by The Bank of Ideas, a name taken from the 2011 occupation of the UBS head quarters.

This action is part of a movement to a free education for all and aims to draw together some issues behind the recent student mobilisations.

We believe that austerity, the crack down on protests, inequality, the privatisation of education and the exploitation of workers are not natural phenomena, but are political decisions and should be treated as such.

In response to increasing privatisation and managerial politics in universities across the UK, society needs education that is free to all, free from fees, free from corporate influence, free from austerity, free from inequality and free from state violence.

We say:

The current system is in crisis, economically, ecologically, morally, with numerous humanitarian crises’.

Working in precarious conditions and being exploited for other’s profit is unacceptable.

We want education accessible to anyone, independent of their social background and net worth.

Tuition fees, often resulting in life-long debt, and the privatisation of all public services can and should be fought.

We don’t want privilege in any form.

What is the Bank of Ideas?

The Bank of Ideas came into being when the UBS headquarters building on Sun Street was taken over and opened as a political occupation.

During its four month occupation the Bank of Ideas hosted over 400 events ranging from political debate and comedy nights to direct action planning and preparation.

The Bank of Ideas now exists as an activist group that creates alternative spaces that strengthen radical social movements.

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Website: freeeducation.wordpress.com



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