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Open House is a nine-day space 11th – 19th May that will bring together people facing the housing crisis across London to organise and take action around our collective housing needs. Whether you’re a council tenant facing the bedroom tax or a squatter threatened with eviction, a private renter dealing with a dodgy landlord or a member of a housing co-op fighting to survive – this space is for you.

Open House will have a practical focus on what we can do to reclaim housing and the city. It will involve over a week of workshops, talks, events, exhibitions and games on a range of issues, including (but not limited to) the bedroom tax, housing benefit changes, ‘the rents are too high’, eviction resistance, gentrification, redevelopment, who owns the city, access to land resources, repeal of section 144, Traveller rights, community growing and much much more.

This includes facilitating the continued formation a radical housing coalition, involving different groups working together to share resources, support fellow projects and organise joint relevant housing campaigns and actions.

If you would like to find out more and chat in person about Open House, we are happy to talk on the phone, meet in person or attend one of your group’s meetings – just let us know by email at


Novar Media on the Housing Crisis


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