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Monty Python at TarpaulinSquare 25th October 2014.


We join Occupy Democracy at Parliament Square 04440 hours BST. 25th October 2014. The Ninth Day of the Occupy Parliament Square. renamed Tarpaulin Square.
People have just been woken up after a police shift change. Apologies for the hoarse voice.

Remember that we were in Parliament Square for NINE days. The byelaws being used against us and shown on video were used against homeless people who have no witnesses.

0517hours BST How wearing a Tarpaulin Poncho could potentially be a criminal offence.
Police GD 326 changes the rules during his shift to tell us even having a sleeping bag is illegal.
A Tarpaulin Poncho is only an item of clothing if it has been bought from a shop. Making one yourself does not make it clothing.

0555hours BST with the Fashion Police. Harrassment, Sleep Deprivation tactics.

0612hours BST. Police attempting to steal the Tarpaulin that was being used to cover the perishable food. Apparently, the CCTV team watching the square was claiming that it was used as bedding.

0621hours BST. Police decide not to steal the Tarpaulin being used to cover the food.

0631hours BST. Poem from Tony Hillier of Swindon and Swindon People’s Assembly.

The only conclusion we can come up with is that we need to give Vivienne Westwood a call and she can design clothing made from Tarpaulin. So the police will know that Tarpaulin a trendy item of clothing.



We urgently need your donations so we can provide equipment for our Livestream Team.
We provide our own equipment, but face difficulties, when our equipment dies to constant use or gets smashed during a protest, which happens a lot more that we would like, and those who seek to silence us, have vast resources. Paypal account: nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk


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