Minutes of the General Meeting – Date: 24/10/2011 – Time: 19:00


Minutes of the General Meeting
Date: 24/10/2011
Time: 19:00

Facilitator Anna
Co facilitator Nora
Minutes Phil

Introduction to process and hand gestures.

Working Group Announcements:

Kitchen: Return cutlery, crockery, and bring your own plates etc. to camp to save on waste. Please do not throw cups in bins.

Tranquility: Need volunteers for tonight (meet at the bottom of the steps at 21:30). Spokesperson stressed the problem of alcohol and drugs on site.

Tent City University: There have been very successful talks. 14:00-16:00 Tent school all week for 8-18yrs. The youth will feedback to the GA on Saturday 29th October. Outside the Bank of England are some flyers proposing to redevelop the Royal Exchange square and seeking feedback – proposal to take cards and make interesting suggestions. A “Violence and Non-Violence” debate needs to take place within the GA. Can process please be aware that there is a noise clash between GA and lectures at 14:00.

Newspaper Working Group: Went to press today for Wednesday. It is a weekly newspaper and needs contributions.

Shelter: All new tents must check in with Shelter to know where to pitch their tents.

Media: We have had training Press workshops in Finsbury square. There are new guidelines on dealing with the press.

Finance: Next GA will discuss Finance. No money can be issued for personal expenses.

Mission Statement Group: There were two groups which shall now merge. There was a discussion of the 9 point statement for revision. Next meeting Tuesday 25th October 2010 17:00 under green banner.

Outreach Group: New leaflets made with declaration on one side and events on other side. There are new leaflets made for workers in our camp area. Once 9 point Statement is revised there will be a third flyer.

Finsbury Square: Caucus on Minorities, 10:00am in Finsbury sq. outside the info tent.

Recycling: Everyone needs to help sort it out. Key for bins is in the info tent.

Women’s Groups: First meeting was today and it was a great success. It will be every Monday at 17:00 in Finsbury square in the Yurt.

Process: Meeting tomorrow 11:00 to discuss restructuring the process meeting.

Themes for GA:
1. The look of the front of the camp (1. Political Parties presence 2. Banners)
2. Issue of Drugs and Alcohol on site

Proposals: To change the banner weekly. No Party Political messages on front of site (including flyer tables). Issue of the Kurdish tent and flag.
Point – Stalls could be relocated to a specific zone for political parties.
Proposal to relocate political party stalls and Kurdish Tent
1 block (some party/political material is not necessarily emphasising the Party)
Point – Why distinguish between Oxfam and SWP?
Point – This is a non political camp.
Proposal re-entered to relocate political party stalls and Kurdish Tent
1 block – Ban ALL political material from camp
Proposal re-entered to relocate political party stalls and Kurdish Tent
1 block – movement is non-political
Proposal to clear the front of the camp
Proposal passed

Banner ‘Capitalism is Crisis’ Should it rotate?
Point – We are ‘Occupy London’ – the only banner should be ‘Occupy London’
Point – We need one simple banner
Point – the banner is ok – even for those that are not anti-capitalist
Point – there are no alternative banners currently on site

Kurdish tent takes the mic: Kurdish oppression is linked to Capitalism. Kurdish tent is NOT a political party
Proposal to clear front of camp including Kurdish Tent
No consensus
Proposal to keep the Kurdish Group in the front of the camp.
1 block
Proposal to keep the Kurdish Group on site but move the tent
Consensus reached

Point “Make Luxury History” banner
Point “Occupy” banner
Proposal to create a group to designa banner and feedback to a later GA
Consensus reached

GA Raises issue of drugs and Alcohol.
Proposal to make this site a “Drug and Alcohol Free Zone”
Break up into groups for discussion.
Groups discussion feedback
Point – don’t trade liberty for security
Point – Tranquility team do not have the resources to deal with alcohol related disorder
Point – Individual provides testimony on an assault
Proposal to make this a drugs and free zone
Consensus not reached
Point – First Aid have had alot of alcohol related issues
Proposal to ban Alcohol and drugs consumed in ‘public’ space
Consensus not reached
Proposal to make the site an alcohol and drugs free zone
Put to ‘VOTE’
99 to 100 in favour, 12 oppossed.

Church Liaison Group have changed their name to Multi Faith and Belief Group

Shout Outs

Deaths in Custody March on Saturday – March to Downing street 12:30
(United Families and Friends Campaign)
Nottingham occupation started today!!!
Tonight Maureen shall host an all night vigil outside Saint Paul’s
Some individuals at the camp shall form a delegation to attend the G20 in the South of France – look out at info tent for more information.



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