Mic Check for N30 Strike


occupy supports the strike

come join us at 7am, liverpool street station on november 30th!

on the day, follow @occupylsx, #occupyn30 for updates and instructions





7 Responses to “Mic Check for N30 Strike”

  1. fantastic, more outreach!

  2. thats geting better and better.

  3. Hello do you know if trains are moving tomorrow or they re all blocked because of the strike.. which I’d like, but I wanted to know if you think it’s possible to get to London tomorrow morning.. can’t tonight!

    • Trains are all running as normal. No disruption of any kind

  4. Great work, both on speech and delivery. We need more small events like this as, besides the messages, mic checks are powerful at putting across the image of unity and power of the people.

  5. Laura, none of the train unions for services in or out of London, nor the tube, are on strike. So you should be able to get in by public transport no problem.

  6. No sign of any protests in the City of London. Very disappointing.


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