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Occupy Wonga Banner. Mayday Parade.

Occupy Wonga Banner. Mayday Parade.

MAYDAY MUSINGS by Les Ludd 2014

It has not escaped the notice of the Somewhat Irked Brigade that a war is being waged by the “Have Lots” on the non-silver spoon-sucking classes. “Anger is an energy” as an erstwhile sage once caterwauled but we must not let that become as corrosive as the “system” we rail against.
It may well be that the neoliberal “crapitalism” is beyond reforming and will destroy itself, but that does not mean we should despair and not try not to live as authentically and creatively as possible.

Casino banking is a mere symptom of a greater malaise of competitiveness, arrogance and greed that can be present in all stratas of society. We have been indoctrinated with status and stuff rather than being enabled to realise what is crucial: our relationships with other entities, human and non and with our much beleaguered planet.

We cannot afford pessimism: everything is in contention-space both physical and psychological; the public and private, commerce and the commons. We should strive to conquer the conquering urge and champion the radicalism of compassion. No kings, no queens, no leaders- just us.
Join us if you will: the heretics, dissenters, bohemians and dreamy ones. Happy Mayday.

Les Ludd 2014

London Mayday Parade 2014. From head of the march to the tail end. 24 minute video.

In 2011, Occupy London came together with a clear message: The banks are the problem and “we refuse to pay for their crisis”.

In 2014, with ‘austerity’ still being pushed by politicians as some kind of answer to the ongoing crisis of capitalism, too many of us are paying and are on the edge of debt slavery. Pay day loan companies are the new economic fascists, their ‘clients’ including victims of the bedroom tax, fuel poverty, benefit cuts, Atos assessments and others suffering under the government’s austerity programme. Companies like QuickQuid, the Money Shop and Wonga are not helping us, despite their claims to be the good guys – they are holding us in debt bondage and further extending the widening gap between rich and poor. We see the most vulnerable people in society being charged immoral interest rates; the very people the government should be protecting are being enslaved by these companies. If you feel that something should be done about ‘Pay Day’ loans, join us in London on May Day (May 1st).

Occupy Wonga hereby calls for a complete end to Pay Day loans and and an immediate stop to all Pay Day loan advertising.

On May Day Occupy Wonga will be paying Wonga some interest but not with 5,853% APR.

Occupy Wonga action. Start of livestream outside Warren Street Tube Station.

Wonga Offices, Greater London House.
Note: Corrected information from David Dewhurst (Economics WG) Wonga donated £500,000 to £900,000 to the Conservative Party. Not the £500 million he had told the General Assembly outside Greater London House.

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