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Marriotts of Fire Update Friday 21st July 2017


Marriotts of Fire Update Friday 21st July 2017

I’ve been quite regularly at a protest south of Chesterfield for almost a month, but we need lots of help getting folk here.

We only have four or five left in the camp. Police arrest dozens, and ban them from the entire county of Derbyshire via bullshit bail conditions (we are asking to vary these conditions, but it’s taking forever), and that scared away lots more folk.

Remaining locals are wonderful! A few still visit and help out with the customary for of direct action slow walks of lorries etc. But today police banned these walks, especially walks involving music, threatening Dispersal Orders.

Loads of folk are hurt by police, inc older women swung to the ground face first, and other women pressure pointed.

It’s a wonderful thing that 75% of folk at anti-fracking protests are women, and this may be because of how fracking risks our children’s lives.

We are outside a company that supply ALL of the fracking rigs currently used in the UK, and one of these fracking rigs is currently being dismantled to be transported to the PNR fracking site on the Fylde, south of Blackpool.

Four folk can’t do much, except get arrested too. We have spare space for tents, and police so far are respecting our land, and land owner is politely not needing us to move. We have some spare tents, and portaloos that are very clean. Locals cook a variety of foods each evening too.

Could you suggest us to a few other groups you may think would like to hear? Folk are risking jail here :/ Extra boots on the ground would help elevate/minimise that risk.

Marriott Drilling
Clay Cross
S45 9BQ

Police now decide when a protest starts, how long it lasts, when it ends, who attends, the location, and the form the protest takes.

Bye Bye Article 10 + 11 rights of assembly, and protest.


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