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Manuel Castells to speak at Tent City University this Friday


This Friday at 12 noon, Tent City University at Occupy LSX, located between St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Stock Exchange, will host a free teach-in from Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells. A half hour lecture entitled, “The crisis always rings twice: from financial crisis to fiscal crisis to political crisis” will be followed by a question and answer session.

Manuel Castells, who has taught at Oxford, MIT and UC Berkeley is probably best known as the author of The Network Society and is a leading theorist on the potential of networked organisation and the role of social movements in shaping urban space.

Martin Dittus, a supporter of Occupy LSX and member of the tech team said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming Manuel Castells here for a rare UK lecture. Castells was one of the first to write about the new kinds of social organisation we are experiencing here at the occupation and I think he’s delighted that so many of his ideas are coming to practical fruition here.”

[1] http://tentcityuniversity.occupylsx.org/
[2] http://www.manuelcastells.info/en/


5 Responses to “Manuel Castells to speak at Tent City University this Friday”

  1. sorry this doesn’t relate to manuel castel, but can’t find other contact route. Am really concerned after reading today’s article in the Guardian, citing case for eviction, i.e. desecration of church, drugs etc. This is really damaging to the movement, and though I appreciate all efforts to encourage self discipline within the camp, i can’t see the situation improving, more likely that the movement could be hijacked from within. Would urge discussion on the need to move main camp from st paul’s to finsbury, retaining only info and university tents, plus equipment needed for public speaking/meetings, livestream etc. at st. paul’s. It would not serve movement for eviction to take place on grounds of public order.

  2. Tahrir Square – so many died and injured. They are so brave and selfless

    If the tear gas supplied by the American government is the main cause of deaths in Tahrir Square, families of those who has lost their lives in the last 3 days are entitled to compensation from US government and the manufacturer.

    We can remember Saddam Hussein gassed people in his own country.

    There should be an international ban for using such lethal gas by the Police / military against its people. . Any politicians/military leaders who sanction the purchase and deployment of such gas should be brought to face trial of crime against humanity. This is a war crime.

  3. If you want free university for all, try setting up an Online university with validated and recognised degrees. Experiment and see how many tutors really would come forward for such a notion and put it into action.

    Anyone with a degree of any worth will be in work using it, wouldn’t they?.

    However, there’s no reason that some of the more expensively taught degrees couldn’t be made available Online to all who desire to do them for just cost, rather than an elite few who can afford the more expensive universities.

    Unfortunately, and in reality, academics get 2 kinds of reward for their work, one is payment, the other is fame. The latter academic is likely to help you change your world’ but not for altruistic purposes.

    Why not simply get together as a Political party and change the system using the powers that are there…people DIED to give you the right to our political system….use it and be proud of it.

    Show the world how it can work to your/our advantage, don’t just sit around in tents annoying the people you want to hear you..

  4. You censor so many posts! Thus you have all proved that you are nothing more than an autocratic group of people who are not interested in what the majority of the population want as you are not willing to listen to anyone else’s opinion. The end of you “movement” is in sight and I look forward to it!

  5. Any chance that you can post webcasts of these lectures for those of us who cant make it? You have some important speakers and it would be nice if we could see them in their entirety. Gresham College (not so far from you) does this and has a big audience http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/past?page=27


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