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It’s customary to assess progress on an annual basis. So where’s Occupy at now? Here’s one Occupier’s end of the year review:

Recent victories

Get to know your enemies

Starbucks cuts worker benefits in response to a tax avoidance campaign:

Protester faced with huge eviction bill:

Banks, FBI and USDHS join hands on Occupy crackdown:


… and frenemies

Occupiers respond:

“There’s an interesting discussion going on there – although I’m not sure I see proponents of the ‘Big Society’ pointing at Friern Barnet (or the Bank of Ideas, School of Ideas etc) as examples of ‘how it should be done’ any time soon.”

“This is true, yet at the same time, in the court judgement was this stuff about ‘Though the protest itself is doing good work, there is a localism bill with proper channels [hoops to jump through], therefore this protest cannot make a claim for a licence in its present form’. This is very important to respond to, as it does two things. Firstly, it portrays existing legislation as an effective means to change things (which results in a degradation of the role of the professional librarian, think ‘Big Society’); it also means that protest ‘needs to’ legitimise itself through legislated channels if it is to be taken seriously: RUBBISH.”

 “The library protesters have made it clear in press releases that the project is ‘a protest and an emergency service’, not a long term solution, and that they are ‘united in calling for the re-institution of a publically-funded, professionally-run library at the Friern Barnet site’.” 

= Actions =


Monday 31st December 2012

Tuesday 8th January 2013 

Critical Thinking at the Free University: Session 1 (Year 2) at the Friends Meeting House, Euston, London


From 22nd December onwards

Combe Haven Defenders

Saturday 5th of January

Birmingham Flash Mob for Tax justice

Friday 15th – Monday 18th February

Resistance to the War on Welfare, petition & blog – please sign!


European Day of Action in March

Thursday 3rd January 2013

World Social Forum


= Blogs =


Standing Stone 


Janey Mac writes about ‘A Country in Crisis’ after volunteering at a Crisis Centre over Xmas:

Critical Thinking

Occupy Lancaster


= Inventions =

Iain Findlay, bagpiping Occupier and permaculturist, has invented the Whirligro, a simple, low-impact means of growing food & flowers in urban spaces. He seeks crowdfunding to help realise the project:


= Movies =

Monday 14th January 2013


= New Year Revolutions =


“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” – Donny Miller


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