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Love Activists London Street Kitchen



Love Activists London Street Kitchen by Norbert Lawrie

On Monday coming the Love Activists London, will endeavour and undertake to bring food and drink to London’s street homeless. This will be achieved by sourcing food such as unsold sandwiches, pies and anything else we can get hold of, that will help to bring we do so hope some compassion and love to those who may well feel it runs’ in such short supply.

Life is full of lessons and experiences which are indeed the best teacher of all, some people learn their lessons and move on from their mistake, while others seem to never learn, as if they’re not awake.

The Love Activists are no exception to this, we have made many mistakes (undeniable) in the five short months that we have been occupying empty buildings in the heart of London’s West End, all a part of highlighting a sandal of on the one hand large empty buildings just doing nothing and on the other thousands sleeping rough out on our streets, particularly during the course of this winter.

The one mistake perhaps better described as a regret, is that the street kitchen we helped to establish and then handover to the street homeless to run for themselves just after Christmas, only to see it after a short time closed down by the powers that be, no one is to blame for this really and least of all is it the homeless, we still think and truly believe that it was the right thing to do at that time, empowering the homeless themselves, encouraging them to be a part of the solution and not to be seen as the problem as this so-called society makes them feel and have the rest of us believe.

The mistake was to miscalculate the ability of the street homeless to be able to sustain such an ongoing commitment and operation, they were not ready and we were unable to provide sufficient back-up and support, but you never know in the future they may succeed. However in the meantime we intend to operate a mobile kitchen and help our brethren who are condemned to life on our streets.

In addition we will be opening a free shop in the new building providing clothing, toiletries, the articles used in washing and taking care of one’s body, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. So if anyone can donate such articles, we would very much appreciated donations, but please note we do not except money.

Image: Love Activists serve a cold Christmas lunch to the homeless outside a former bank building


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