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London Fashion Week, by Laura Elizabeth Parkes


Frack Off.

Being a stylist as well as an activist, I decided it was time to take the fracking protest to London Fashion Week (LFW). I think it is time the media and the public realise that activists come from all walks of life and not just the fringes of society. It is all of our duty to protect the planet and take a stand for what is right and not just think in financial terms. I had this vintage army jacket hand customised by Lady Gonzalez as well as a “Frack Off” necklace. I will also be handing out business cards with useful links to where people can find out the full story rather than a watered down and manipulated one. This will hopefully raise some awareness of the truth about Fracking and justice for the Barton Moss Protectors.

On the way to London Fashion Week.

Laura not being allowed into the venue with the “Frack OFF” sign.

Interview with Laura, by Kris Occupy Mayday.

Livestream by Occupy Mayday Channel.

WOW what a day. LFW was amazing. It was great to get so much media attention even if they did restrict my right to protest peacefully (not to mention having my own private security follow me through the exhibition halls) So much thanks and gratitude to the group. Now i can’t wait to get in the car and drive like a bat out of hell to back to the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp. See you soon beautiful protectors! xxxx

Anti-Fracking Fashion makes the Guardian.
London fashion week autumn/ winter 2014 – as it happened


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