Lies Lies Lies


victim_of_a_liarBy Nathan Shishjamo

As children we are told, lying is bad. That we should never lie to somebody because that’s a mark of disrespect. So when does our opinion of lying change? At what point does lying become acceptable in modern society? The political system that we are controlled by does this on an unprecedented scale. And we do nothing. We just let it fly over our heads.

Well let me tell you something, lying is still bad. That fact hasn’t changed. But the system has twisted that fact, so now it reads; “lying is bad…for everyone but us.” Trusting a politician is like leaving a chunk of meat in front of a hungry lion and  trusting it won’t devour it. It’s insane. But yet we follow them into war. To me war is a filthy word, violence against each other is something that baffles me. But mass violence and murder for causes that aren’t clear to us is supported by members of our society! A popular lie for Governments is the word; ‘civilise’. They say they are just going across to Afghanistan or Iraq to fight a mystery bad man. One that they basically created by the way, they are going to help the people. Ha! No, to help themselves and the corporations that control them more like. Therefore creating a circle of events. Our Governments invade counties for oil (or other economical benefits) then use that to fund and create weapons to do what with? Invade countries for oil. Companies have been founded on this very systematic flaw. But you’re lied to about this, there are so many excuses. “Oh shit! ISIS, this random terrorist group that has just cropped in the middle-east when our excuse for being there was getting a little shaky! What a coincidence!”. Is it really though?

Everything we see in this world is based on lies, you look up a product on the internet. Go on do it. What you’ll see is an advertising scheme that tells you nothing on that product. But just how great it is. Worded in such a manner that you subconsciously bypass. Because you are so use to it; “Red Bull gives you wings”, “I’m loving it”, “Just Do It”. Our culture is corrupted with lies, and it’s leaking into our daily lives. Have you ever found yourself just lying, for no real reason- you just do it? It’s not your fault. It’s because you are falling into the trap that society has been set up in. Making us change our perception of this precious value we are taught as a child. To not lie.

I fear for humanity, I love life. I’m a very spiritual-being. But when I look around I see a society of sheep. Always wanting. Forced to want, want, want. This can’t become our legacy. It’s a scary prospect that it can, but it will be set in stone if we don’t do something about theses corporate entities polluting the world. Not only with fossil fuels; which is going to have a profound effect in the next ten years. We are in for a huge climate shock. This has been coincidentally blocked out by the media. But more on that another day. What this article is about, is the pollution of lies our Governments and the media feed us, that is being carried through into society by society. Stop it. Wake up.  And look at the world. Is this the best humanity can do? I don’t think so either.


Nathan Shishjamo
website: (link it please)- it’s all about a revolution.
I’m a visionary, I think that we as a community deserve better than what we’ve got. I’ve been to numerous occupy protests all around the globe and I am hoping, one day with the help of others to become a true revolutionary.

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