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At 12pm tomorrow a judge will rule on whether to grant Barnet Council a possession order allowing it to take back control of the Friern Barnet People’s Library, which was occupied and re-opened in September.

During today’s hearing the library occupiers, who include local residents and members of the Occupy movement, argued that forcing them out of the building would infringe on their right to protest.
The council that removing the occupiers would not affect their human rights.

The library was closed in April as part of plans to sell off the building.

Recently the Library building was listed as a community asset under the localism act, which will give the community the right to raise the hundreds of thousands of pounds needed to make a bid for the building.

However, the council maintained that the building should be empty during the bidding period to ensure that it could not be accused of bias by community groups not currently using the building.

The barrister for the defence Miss Sackman argued that “The location of the protest is a protest in itself,”, “The protest is through an occupation of the library and through the running of a library.”

However Barnet Council denied the campaigners’ rights would be affected.

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