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Deadline 3pm 9/12 – Legal Calls for Online Witness Statements


***** Final deadline 3pm 9 December *****

The Legal work group at the Occupy LSX camp at St. Paul’s has put out a call for Witness Statements from the online community to help in the upcoming eviction case that is due to start on Monday 19th December.

Legal spokesperson, Matthew Varnham, explains “A Witness Statement allows a person to share their experiences, views, and details of their involvement with the Occupy LSX camp with the court, allowing them to have a say in the case, without having to worry about any of the repercussions of being an independent defendant. We understand that many of the online members of the community have also had a significant involvement with the camp, and by opening up the opportunity to provide Witness Statements online, we are allowing this often neglected aspect of the Occupy movement to share their experiences and provide vital evidence for the court case.”

For more details on how to provide a Witness Statement, either online or in the camp, please follow this link.


11 Responses to “Deadline 3pm 9/12 – Legal Calls for Online Witness Statements”

  1. Maybe it’s time you gave up. You can’t claim this is an unjust society when you’ve had unopposed protest for two month and in those two months shown a total disregard to the feelings of anyone but yourselves.

    In all the time you wasted on the streets you could have got a job or done something productive for society than this and you can’t say there are no jobs. I have three friends who moved up to London and Manchester who found jobs within a week and no they’re not your so called 1% big bad politician children, they’re part of your 99% but then you’d probably deny that because similarly to conspiracists if it doesn’t agree with your views it can’t be true. quite fitting you have Charlie Viech, a disproven 9/11 conspiracist as one of your supporters.

    Time to go home people. Although seeing as you’ve spent the last two months doing nothing you can’t blame anyone else if you find your home situation is now poorer than it was when you left. It was your own choice to go through with this action and its your resposibility alone to suffer reprecussions if you missed debt payments, you can’t get on a education course because they’ve closed or anything like that.

    • LG: Seems like you’re having a bad day and need to spit some vitriol at someone. Might I suggest that some meditation, yoga or a little light exercise might help you to deal with your inner pain. A sensible diet, plenty of greens, roughage etc can help too.
      If the pain gets to be too much to handle then you could always take off that cop uniform and come and join us, for we are your brothers and sisters and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.
      Perhaps you’re getting too much sleep? Now is the time to wake up, rise and shine.
      Love, Light and Peace to you and yours.

  2. Does this include negative experiences? There was a band playing ridiculously loud through evening service at the Cathedral again last night.

    How does this work? Complete honesty or what?

  3. Occupy Wall Street started a hunger strike in New York, if arrested they will continue the strike in jail.

  4. It is very unfortunate that you have decided to moderate comments. It will lead to claims that you are censors. Please explain why you are doing this.

    • There was a _lot_ of comment spam – links to people selling fake designer shoes etc – coming in. Without moderation it’s very hard to control comment spam. You’ll note that negative comments are still being published – it’s only the completely automated and off-topic commercial comment spam that’s no longer getting through.

      • Oh come on. You are making it hard work for yourselves and frustrating for users.

        Comments now take a long time to appear so debate between comment writers is impossible. Haven’t you noticed that the comment count has fallen by several hundred percent since you started moderating?

        You really should be able to manage comment spam in a way that does not stifle comment debate. You are not the first site to be spammed.

        This site is on WordPress.com right? In which case you have some great tools to combat spam at your fingertips – Askimet is very effective. You will need to tweak the default settings and a few comments will still need manually approving but it will be better for everyone.

        All comments here are nofollow so it is surprising that marketing bots are even bothering. Perhaps the capitalists dogs are targeting you just to piss you off. 🙂 Just say here if you think this is the case and we’ll put our thinking hats on.

        But whatever you do, STOP MODERATING THE COMMENTS.

  5. There has been a homeless person living at St Pauls for 10 years – so much for the corporations claims.

    Everyone who has camped should submit a witness statement!!

    • I agree that all should do a statement. Some I know don’t want to be identified, but surely something could be done for them too.

      I have done one. I don’t even stay there.

      I want it to stay. Keeeeeep camping!!!!! 😀

  6. trashy tricia and michael strassen mocking what we stand for http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0wQFco4vQVo#!

  7. Please find below the video I made on Occupy London and London riots.



    Many thanks to those who participarted in the interviews.



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