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“…the laws ought to be equal, so they must be good and not evidently destructive to the safety and well-being of the people. These things we declare to be our native rights…”

– excerpt from the Agreement of the People, October 1647

Nearly 400 years ago people came together for the historic Putney Debates to discuss a better democracy. Today, these issues are even more important, with decisions being taken by a few that affect us all – decisions on energy policy, health, housing, welfare, education,
climate change and surveillance being some examples.

This will be an afternoon of debates around rights, the law and democracy. We’ll discuss:

Who benefits from the legal system? People or private interests?

Do we need a new civil rights movement?

The debates are open to all and anyone can speak (a small donation towards the cost of venue hire will be appreciated), and we’ll hear from Michael Mansfield QC, Halina Ward from the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development, Dr Shahrar Ali from the Green Party and Professor Conor Gearty (Human Rights, LSE) on the day, as well as many others!

For the full Putney debates programme, see:

These debates are brought to the people by Occupy London for FREE – but if you can afford it, please help us cover the cost of the venues:


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