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Lambeth Town Hall: Protest the Police, by Kris O’Donnell

Lambeth Town Hall Q&A. Photo by TeeJay

Lambeth Town Hall Q&A. Photo by TeeJay

I just left a sham of a Q&A, held by Met Police and Mayor of London office – in Brixton. 75% was propaganda, not Q&A.

ALL on panel were white. And they refused to discuss treatment of Black persons, in any context. Not stop and search, not the ratio of blacks to others in getting injured during arrests, not the 70% more a black person is to be charged on a first arrest for certain drugs … no black issues. How can kids, getting stopped with grass, get tasered?

~Kris O’Donnell.

From the Facebook Event:

Stop police killings! End police violence!
No to stop and search! No water-cannons on our streets!

The Deputy Mayor for policing, Steven Greenhalgh, and senior Metropolitan police officers will be in Brixton to hold a consultation on people’s priorities for policing. We will be attending the meeting, and protesting outside to demand;
* An end to deaths at the hands of the police. Mark Duggan is only one of the latest – 330 people have died while in the custody of the Met or in pursuit-type situations since 1990.
* An end to the harassment of local people by the police, through stop and search and over-zealous ‘safety advice’.
* No more criminalisation of protest. From student occupations, to peaceful protests at Brixton Prison, we have seen the police taking an increasingly violent approach to controlling and stopping protest. The Tories in charge of the London Assembly are at the heart of this strategy, with Boris Johnson now calling for water cannon to be used on the streets.

Twists and turns by the panel

I spoke after my stream with Lee Jasper – who had to shout, to be recognised by the panel

Livestream courtesy of Kris, OccupyMayday.
We provide our own equipment, but face difficulties, when it gets smashed during a protest, which happens a lot more that we would like, and those who seek to silence us, have vast resources.

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