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Jubilee Debt Campaign: Life Before Debt Conference


JubileeDebt Campaign: :Life Before Debt.

JubileeDebt Campaign: :Life Before Debt.

Life Before Debt – Why debt rules our lives and how to resist it


Six years on from the crash, the ranks of those imprisoned by debt are swelling in the UK and across the world.

For years, millions of people in the global South have been trapped in poverty by the rule of debt. Now across Europe our public services are being slashed and our economies restructured to pay for bankers’ bailouts. In the UK, as prices outstrip wages, families are turning to payday loans to get through the month, students face a lifetime of debt and the NHS is locked into 30-year contracts with parasitic companies profiting from the public purse.

Debt is at the centre of a broken economic system that is hurting ordinary people everywhere.
This free day-long conference will hear from global movements on the frontline of debt resistance, investigate the pervasive role of debt in our lives today, and discuss what collective action we can take to break the chains of debt in years to come.

School of Oriental and African Studies
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Nearest tube: Russell Square

Life Before Debt – Programme
Debt and morality: When is it okay not to pay?

This opening session examines the morality of debt repayment. Why, in the current neoliberal global economy, is debt repayment considered a moral absolute: more important than feeding families, teaching children, and providing healthcare and basic social protections?
This mainstream morality that ‘debts must always be paid’ obscures the irresponsible and exploitative profiteering by lenders and the deep structural economic injustices that force people and countries into the debt-poverty cycle in the first place.
We ask whether challenging debt slavery first requires us to throw off the mental chains of the current morality around debt. Do we need a new set of ethics around debt for the twenty-first century, grounded in a critical analysis of the structures and power relations that are the real drivers of the debt crisis and debt slavery?
Rowan Williams Former Archbishop of Canterbury;
Njoki Njoroge Njehû Daughters of Mumbi, Kenya;
Andrew Ross Strike Debt and author of Creditocracy
Chair: Sarah-Jayne Clifton Jubilee Debt Campaign
Plus: Alinah Azadeh, Burning the Books

Eurozone Crisis

Ordinary people and communities across Europe have been ravaged by the impacts of austerity measures imposed to pay for the debts built up from the bank bail-outs during the 2008 financial crisis. People have paid the price for the greed and profiteering of the banks with our jobs, wages, homes, and access to basic services. Millions are now struggling to meet their basic needs. This session looks at which countries in Europe have been hardest hit and why; whether the government debt built up to bail out the banks should be considered odious and illegitimate; how European activists and movements are challenging this injustice; and what lessons we can learn from Latin America’s crisis in the 1980s.

Speakers: Costas Lapavitsas SOAS;
Daniel Munevar CADTM;
Iolanda Fresnillo Citizen Debt Audit Platform, Spain


Where did the money go? Debt audits as a tool for resistance

Citizen debt audit campaigns assessing the legitimacy or illegitimacy of debts have been set up in several countries in Europe and North Africa since the crisis started, taking inspiration from debt audits in the global South. Activists from the International Citizens Debt Audit Network discuss the choices for debt audit campaigns and their role in the struggle against the rule of debt.
Jérémie Cravatte CADTM Belgium;
Christina Laskaridis Corporate Watch and Greek Debt Audit Campaign;
Vicky Donnelly Debt Justice Ireland;
Jihen Chandoul, Tunisian Debt Audit Campaign;
Iolanda Fresnillo Citizens’ Debt Audit Platform, Spain

Corporate contracts in the NHS: Britain’s odious debts

More and more of our public services like hospitals and schools are being handed over to wealthy private investors as a source of profit. This drive for private financing has brought several NHS trusts to the verge of bankruptcy, driven the closure of vital health services, and saddled taxpayers with a mountain of debt at sky high interest repayments. This session looks at how this situation has come about, who benefits, who is harmed, and what we can do about it.
Prof Allyson Pollock Queen Mary, University of London;
Dr Helen Mercer Greenwich University/Save Lewisham Hospital campaign
Joel Benjamin Move Your Money UK

LIBOR RIGGING: http://bambuser.com/v/4488134

Life Before Debt: How do we get there?

Across the world thousands of activists are campaigning to throw off the chains of illegitimate debt. The rich diversity of campaigns and tactics being used reflect the diversity of political contexts and challenges debt campaigners face. We will hear from inspiring thinkers and campaigners driving forward hard-hitting debt justice campaigns around the world and ask what we need to do to end debt slavery and, critically, how we can strengthen our movements and solidarity amongst us to get there.
Ann Pettifor PRIME and author of Just Money
Jihen Chandoul Tunisia Debt Audit Campaign
Vicky Donnelly Debt Justice Ireland
Andrew Ross Strike Debt and author of Creditocracy
Njoki Njoroge Njehû Daughters of Mumbi, Kenya


Jubilee Debt Campaign

Life Before Debt – Why debt rules our lives and how to resist it
Life Before Debt – Programme
Rowan Williams calls for money lenders to be held responsible
Putting Life Before Debt: The Global Rise of Citizen Debt Audits – See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/putting-life-debt-global-rise-citizen-debt-audits#sthash.0nqanAfi.dpuf


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